Upgradation of pay structure in case of Technical Supervisors / Rail Engineers

IRTSA – Upgradation of pay structure of certain cadres – Regarding case of Technical Supervisors / Rail Engineers



Date: 23.11.2022

Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw
Hon’ble Minister of Railways

Respected Sir,

Sub: Upgradation of pay structure of certain cadres – Regarding case of Technical Supervisors / Rail Engineers.
Ref : Railway Board’s letter No. PC-VII/20l9iRSRP/3 (RBE No.155/2022) dated 17.11.2022.

1.1) We thank Hon’ble Prime Minister, Minister for Finance and Minister for Railways for improving the promotional avenues of the Supervisory Staff on the Railways.

1.2) Your goodself, as the Minister For Railways, in your speech in the GMs Conference and briefing to the Media, on 16th November 2022, appreciated the role of Technical Supervisors cadre, described them as the back bone of the functioning of the Railways and said that they are stagnated since long and do not have any promotional avenues. Their promotion is restricted to one even after completion of 30 years of service and they are highly stagnated and do not reach the gazetted cadre. Your goodself said that the Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble Finance Minister issues orders to remove the stagnation and each stagnated engineer will get minimum monthly financial benefit of Rs 2500/- to 4000/- and will be able to reach Group ‘A; and ‘Group “B’ Levels.

1.3) But the Railway Board’s orders, issued vide their letter dated 17-11-2022 Reg. “upgradation of Pay Structure of certain cadres” for improving the promotional avenues of Supervisory staff on the Railways, fall much short of the above said announcement made by the Hon’ble Minister of the Railways as it provides only upgrading of 50% posts in Level 7 to Level 8 in Phase 1 and upgrading of 50% posts thereof from Level 8 to Level 9 as Non-Functional promotion after 4 years in Phase 2, without change of designation and without change of Classification from the existing one in Group ‘C’ phase-I w.e.f. 1-12-2022 and phase-II after four years.

1.4) The Railway Board’s order no RBE/155-2022 dated 17/11/2022 doesn’t reflect the spirit of Hon’ble Railway Minister’s wish as large number of senior Technical Supervisors will remain stagnated and will not get Group ‘B’ or Group ‘A’.

2. Hence, your kind attention is invited to the following points:-

2.1) That the Technical Supervisors /Senior Section Engineers (SSEs) on the Railways will be least benefitted by the said orders even though they are the most stagnated cadre on the Railways as mentioned by 7th CPC and as mentioned by the Minister for Railways himself in his speech in the Video conference with the GMs on 16.11.2022. This may please be remedied by upgrading substantially more posts of Senior Section Engineers (SSEs) to higher pay levels.

2.2) Majority of the SSEs are already placed in the Pay Level-8 & 9 under the MACPS and as such will not get any benefit from the above orders.

2.3) Effect of upgradation in phase-I from 01.12.2022 won’t give any relief to existing stagnated SSEs.

2.4) A large number of SSEs are already working in Pay Level-8 under MACPS for the last many years but will not get any promotion related benefit of the said orders as they will have to wait for another 4 years from the date of effect of the said orders that is 1.12.2022 for getting non-functional promotion to Level 9.

2.5) Restricting further upgradation in phase-II, non-functional upgradation from Pay Level-8 to Level-9 after 4 years of service to 50% posts in Level-8, further narrows down the promotional avenues.

2.6) As per the said order, there will be no change in the nomenclature/designation and classification of the posts after upgradation and they will remain classified as Group ‘C’ which would be totally unjustified and against the existing orders of the Railway Board for Classification of Posts on the Railways.

2.7) Surrender of posts as per said orders of equivalent financial value will further downsize the technical departments and will affect the functioning. There are only a few SSEs who are in Level-7, since around 60% to 70% of SSEs are already placed in Level-8 & Level-9 through financial upgradation under MACPS.

2.8) One of the important cadres of IT engineers working in Indian Railways is not covered in this order. Recommendations of Railway Board’s order No:ERB- I/2011/25/4 dated 14.07.2011 in para 6.v & 6.vi that, existing posts of JE/IT in the Grade Pay of Rs.4200 and Senior Engineer/IT in the Grade Pay of Rs.4600 shall be placed in the Grade Pay of Rs.4600 & Rs.4800 respectively in line with staffing pattern at Railway Board’s computer centre has not been considered.

2.9) Junior Engineers (JEs) working in four technical departments of Railways have been totally left out of the upgradation.

2.10) This order will not clear the stagnation of SSEs at GP Rs.4600 as recommended by 7th CPC in para 10.40.113.

2.11) Ministry of Railways in its proposal sent to Ministry of Finance after 6th CPC, O.M. No. PC VI/2009/DAC/1 (Pt2) dated 11.06.2010, has asked approval for 100% upgradation for JEs from GP Rs.4200 to Rs. 4600 and SSEs from Rs.4600 to Rs.4800.

3) Considering the above short comings in the order dated 17.11.2022, following suggestions may please be considered and accepted.

3.1) All posts of Senior Section Engineers (SSEs) in Level-7 may please be upgraded to Level-8 in all the Departments including Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering, S&T and Drawing/Design etc..

3.2) All Posts of CMS in CMT Labs, CDMS in Stores and Senior Engineer (IT) may please be upgraded from Level 7 to Level 8.

3.3) Effect of upgradation in phase-I may be made from 01.01.2016, ie from the date of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations.

3.4) It is requested that the SSEs who have already put in more than 4 years in Level 8 under MACPS may be given non-functional promotion to Level 9.

3.5) Similarly SSEs who have already put in more than 4 years in Level 9 under MACPS may be given non-functional promotion to Level 10 from the date of implementation of these orders and a Non-Functional promotion to Level 11 after working for 4 years in Level 10, as already provided for the Group ‘B’ Officers.

3.6) 50% restriction in phase-II upgradation may please be removed and who ever completes 4 years of service in Level-8 may be given non-functional financial upgradation to Level-9 without any restriction.

3.7) All posts in Level 8 & above may please be classified in Group B Gazetted as per RBE No.5/2010, dated 08.01.2010. Also, DoPT OM F. No. 11012/10/2016-Estt.A-III,
dated 8th December 2017 classify a Central Civil Post carrying the pay in the Pay Level from 6 to 9.

3.8) Designation of posts of SSEs upgraded to Level 8 may please be designated as Chief Section Engineer (CSE) & the Posts in Level 9 may please be changed as Principal Section Engineer. Since they will be holding vital and hierarchical position in the technical cadre and as such, they cannot be given same Designation for three Pay Levels of SSEs, for effective and hierarchical management.

3.9) Similarly the Designations of CMS & CDMS in upgraded Posts in Pay Level 8 & Pay Level 9 be changed as Principal CMS & Principal CDMS.

3.10) Surrender of posts should not be done for the strength of Supervisory Staff who are already in Pay level 8 & Level 9 under MACPS as there will be no financial implications for upgrading the Posts for this strength of Staff who are getting the higher pay under MACPS.

3.11) Senior Engineers (IT) working in Railways may please be given upgradation staffing pattern equal to that of Computer centre in Railway Board.

3.12) Junior Engineers (JEs) working in four technical departments of Railways may please be placed in Level -7, since they hold direct responsibility of safe, efficient & failure proof production, repair, maintenance and operation of trains, P.Way, Bridges, S&T, OHE and other assets & equipment.

Thanking you, with regards,

Yours faithfully,

(Harchandan Singh),
General Secretary, IRTSA

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