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MACP Calculator for Government Employees

MACPS is applicable to all Central Government Civilian Employees.

The MACP Scheme for Central Civilian Government Employees is in supersession of earlier ACP Scheme. Under the MACP Scheme three financial Up-gradations are allowed on completion of 10, 20, 30 years of regular service, counted from the direct entry grade. The MACPS envisages merely placement in the immediate next higher grade pay as given in Section I, Part – A of the first schedule of the CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008, in case no promotion has been earned by the employee during this period.

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  1. date or birth 14/6/1968 niyukti thithi L-10 teacher 5/10/1988 h or1/4/2023 ko vetan75600 tha vertman me vetan kitna hoga 21/4/2016 ko patey vetan me second grade me promotion huwa tha


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