Pay Matrix Table


Pay matrix is a structured system that determines the salary levels for employees in various government organizations. It is a transparent and objective method of determining pay scales based on the employee’s level and the corresponding grade pay.

How does 7th Pay Matrix work?

The pay matrix consists of 18 horizontal levels and 40 vertical stages. The horizontal levels represent the employee’s level in the hierarchy, while the vertical stages represent the employee’s progress within that level.

Each level in the pay matrix is assigned a unique numerical value, which determines the basic pay of the employee. The vertical stages within each level represent annual increments in the basic pay.

Key Features of Pay Matrix

  • Transparency: The pay matrix provides a transparent and standardized method of determining pay scales, ensuring fairness and equality among employees.
  • Progressive Structure: The pay matrix allows for career progression, with employees moving up the levels based on their experience and performance.
  • Uniformity: The pay matrix ensures uniformity in pay scales across different government organizations, eliminating disparities and inconsistencies.
Benefits of Pay Matrix

1. Simplified Structure: The pay matrix simplifies the salary structure, making it easier for employees to understand and calculate their pay.

2. Career Progression: The pay matrix provides a clear path for career progression, motivating employees to improve their skills and performance.

3. Transparency: The pay matrix ensures transparency in pay scales, eliminating any scope for favoritism or bias.

Pay Matrix PDF

By downloading the Pay Matrix PDF, you will have access to all the information you need to understand the system. It includes detailed instructions on how to use the Pay Matrix, as well as the pay scales for each level and grade.

So, why wait? Download the Pay Matrix PDF now and take control of your salary!

Here is the 7th CPC Pay Table

7th pay commission pay matrix table for central government employees
7th pay commission pay matrix table for central government employees

Pay Level Wise Table

Pay Level 1 Pay Level 7 Pay Level 13 
Pay Level 2 Pay Level 8 Pay Level 13 A 
Pay Level 3 Pay Level 9 Pay Level 14 
Pay Level 4 Pay Level 10 Pay Level 15 
Pay Level 5 Pay Level 11 Pay Level 16 
Pay Level 6 Pay Level 12 Pay Level 17
Pay Matrix Level 1 To 18

Rule 10 of CCS(RP) Rules 2016-Clarifications 31.07.2018
Gazette Notification – Resolution Dated 16th May, 2017 16.5.2017
Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) (Amendment) Rules, 2017, Dated 15th June, 2017 15.6.2017
Modification of Level-13 of Pay Matrix – Issues regarding 28.9.2017
Revision of pay of employees stagnating at the maximum of the Pay Band and Grade Pay or scale in pre-revised structure under CCS(RP) Rules 2016 07.9.2016
Implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission – fixation of pay and payment of arrears – instructions 29.7.2016
The Seventh Central Pay Commission – Resolution 25.7.2016
The Seventh Central Pay Commission – Revised Pay Rules, 201625.7.2016

The pay matrix is an effective tool for determining salary levels in government organizations. It provides a transparent and objective method of determining pay scales based on the employee’s level and grade pay. The pay matrix promotes fairness, equality,

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