Gratuity Calculator For Central Government Employees

The Death gratuity Calculator helps to calculate death gratuity with given information.

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Gratuity refers to the amount that an employer pays his employee, in return for taking on tasks for the company. Employees employed for a minimum of five years are entitled to a gratuity, but this is usually a small percentage or a fixed sum. If an employee is disabled due to an injury or illness, they can draw the gratuity sooner than five years. The gratuity will consist of your salary/wages and the number of years you were employed by the company.

How Gratuity is Calculated?

The amount of gratuity for employees whose employer is covered under the Gratuity Act :

Gratuity = nb15 / 26

The amount of gratuity for employees whose employer is not covered under the Gratuity Act :

Gratuity = nb15 / 30

Where n = Tenure of service completed in the company
b = Last drawn basic salary + dearness allowance

The following employees are eligible to request a gratuity from their employer:

  • You should be eligible for superannuation
  • You should have retired from your service
  • You should have resigned after completing 5 years with the same employer
  • In the event of death, the Gratuity amount will be given to the Nominee chosen by the Employee.
  • If the employee suffers from a disability caused by an illness or accident.

How to calculate a death gratuity with our calculator?

Step 1 : The Total service years and months are automatically calculated and displayed in the input fields.

Step 2 : Enter the monthly salary of the employee including Basic Pay & Dearness Allowance.

Step 3 : Gratuity for employees under the Gratuity Act, as well as gratuity for employees not covered under the Gratuity Act, will be calculated and shown.