Final Call for Payment – CGEWHO Greater Noida Housing Scheme

The Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organisation (CGEWHO) is a welfare organization under the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs. It operates on a self-financing basis and provides housing schemes to central government employees. The organization has its head office in New Delhi.

The summary is a reminder letter addressed to an individual regarding their outstanding payment for the allotment of a dwelling unit (DU) under the Greater Noida (D-06) Housing Scheme. The letter requests the individual to remit the outstanding amount at the earliest so that CGEWHO can issue the possession letter for the DU.

Reminder to remit the outstanding amount against allotment of DU for issue of possession of DU under Greater Noida (D-06) Housing scheme

M/o Housing & Urban Affairs (An ISO 9001:2015 Organisation)
Phone No.011-23739722/23717249/23355408, Fax No. 011-23717250

Regn. No. «regn_no»

Date : 14-06-2023

«addr_1», «addr_2» °
«addr_3», «city» – «pin»
«state». M-«mobile»

Sub: Reminder to remit the outstanding amount against allotment of DU for issue of possession of DU under Greater Noida (D-06) Housing scheme.

Ref: i) CGEWHO’s Demand Letter cum 5 & Final Call up letter dated 25-04-2023.


With reference to above cited subject and reference letters as mentioned above, it is to remind you that the outstanding payment upto 5th & final instalment may kindly be remitted to CGEWHO at the earliest so as to enable CGEWHO to issue possession letter at the earliest.

  1. The Occupancy certificate from GNIDA has already been received and dwelling units are getting ready for physical possession to the beneficiaries despite the fact that many beneficiaries have not yet paid their outstanding payments. Till date possession letters have been issued to more than 25 beneficiaries out of total 56 beneficiaries of D-06 block, who have paid their dues.
  2. CGEWHO being a welfare organisation is providing the service on no profit no loss basis by undertaking the projects on self-financing basis. The physical possession of the DUs shall be hampered if the dues are not cleared by beneficiaries/ In order to expedite the physical possession of the DUs, it is requested to please remit the outstanding payment by 15-07-2023. Interest @10% per annum will be charged w.e.f 16-07-2023 on outstanding amount till the date of payment.
  3. Hope you will find the above in order.

Yours faithfully,

(Roshan Kishore)
Asstt Dir(Admn)
For chief executive officer


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