RBE No. 155 /2022 – Upgradation of pay structure of certain Group ‘C’ cadres

Upgradation of pay structure of certain cadres


PC-VII No. 200

RBE No. 155 /2022

No. PC-VII/2019/RSRP/3

dated 17/11/2022

The General Manager/CAOs(R),
All India Railways & Production Units,
(As per mailing list)

Sub: – Upgradation of pay structure of certain cadres.

Consequent upon approval conveyed by Ministry of Finance vide their ID Note No. 36(1)/E.TI(B),2015 dated 01.11.2022, the President has now accorded his approval for upgrading the pay structure of certain Group ‘C’ cadres of Ministry of Railways detailed in the list enclosed as Annexure-I in following manner :-

(i) Upgradation of 50% posts from Level-7 (PB-2/GP-4600)/Group ‘C* to Level-8 (PB-2/GP-4800)/Group *C’.

(ii) Further upgradation of these 50% posts in Level-8 (PB-2/GP-4800)/Group ‘C’ to Level-9 (PB-2/GP-5400)/Group “C* on non-functional basis after 4 years of service in Level-8(PB-2/GP-4800).

2. Modalities governing above upgradation are enclosed as Annexure-II.

3. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

Encl : As above

(Jaya Kumar G)
Deputy Director, Pay Commission-VII & HRMS
Railway Board
e-mail: jaya.kumarg@gov.in
Ph. No: 011-47845125

Source: indianrailways.gov.in

RBE No. 155 /2022

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