Railways – Security related changes in HRMS

Changes in HRMS system in Railway Board


No. PC-VII/2022/HRMS/18

New Delhi, dated: 13.09.2022

Principal Chief Personnel Officer,
All Indian Railways,
(As per standard mailing list)

Sub: Security related changes in HRMS.
HRMS system is hitherto the largest personnel database in Indian Railways intended to digitize all the administrative related aspects. In order to ensure highest standards of data security, following changes have been implemented/ are under implementation in HRMS system:

S. No. Description Status
1 OTP validity which was 7 days earlier has been reduced to 1 day. Implemented
2 If Password changes, Mobile app will ask for user ID, password, OTP & finger print/PIN again. Implemented
3 If employee/user has any other role, then mobile number & e-mail can only be changed through the flow of DC-VA-AA. Will be deployed shortly
4 If only employee role exists then mobile number can be changed by user directly. Will be deployed shortly
5 AA, PA, UA, LAA should be gazetted officer only. Implemented
6 For critical activity there should be single use OTP (Implemented for number change by employee and Forget Password will be implemented for other critical activities shortly). Implemented for number change by employee.
7 Mobile app will be allowed on 1 device only. Under testing. Will be implemented after testing.
8 When login done from any new device SMS will be sent. Will be deployed shortly, SMS template approval being taken.
9 Helpdesk access to switch role has been removed. Implemented

2. All units are advised to circulate the information regarding these changes for convenience of all the users of HRMS.

(Jaya Kumar G)
Deputy Director, Pay Commission-VII & HRMS
Room No. 10, 4th Floor, COFMOW Building,
Tilak Bridge, New Delhi-110002
(Tele No. 011-47845125, e-mail: jaya.kumarg@gov.in)
Railway Board

Source:  indianrailways.gov.in

Changes in HRMS system

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