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Effects of Modern Agriculture Overview

The effects of modern agriculture are being seen by all of us nowadays. Agriculture is done the most in our country of India. The country of India is said to be an agricultural country. Climate rainfall all have a significant impact on modern agriculture .Now-a-days in this modern time we are seeing that the time when the farmers need the rain, then the rain does not come at the right time and when the rain is not needed then it rains and sometimes the crops are affected badly.

Agriculture is such an innovative style and method of farming in which indigenous knowledge as well as modern knowledge, modern equipment and every aspect like field preparation, field selection, weed control, plant protection, post-harvest management, harvesting etc. are important agricultural practices. The use is called modern agriculture. In this type of agriculture, there is optimization of resources, which increases the efficiency and productivity of the farmers.

1.soil erosion: The movement of soil particles from their original place and gathering at another place is called soil erosion. In modern agriculture, due to excessive water supply, the fertile soil on top of the field is removed. Due to which the nutrients of the soil start depleting and due to the lack of soil fertility, the productivity decreases.

2.Pollution of ground water: Ground water is one of the important sources for irrigation. In modern agriculture, the use of excessive nitrogen fertilizers increases the level of nitrate in the soil, which contaminates the ground water.

3.Water logging and salinity: Proper management of drainage is very important for agriculture, but in order to increase productivity, farmers tend to supply excessive water, which leads to water logging, which increases the salinity of the soil and increases the productivity of the soil.

4.Eutrophication: When any reservoir or water source is enriched with artificial or non-artificial substances such as nitrates and phosphates, it is called eutrophication.

5.Excessive use of pesticides: In modern agriculture, many pesticides are used to destroy pesticides and increase crop production. For example, arsenic, Sulphur, lead and mercury were used earlier to kill insects.

Effects of Modern Agriculture PDF Hindi

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