Redistribution of Non-Gazetted posts – Railways

Redistribution of Non-Gazetted posts

Eastern Railway
(Personnel Department)
17, N.S.Road, Kolkata – 700001

Serial Circular No. 58/2022

No. E.11/0/Pt.VI

Kolkata, dated 02.05.2022.

All Concerned
(as per standard list)

Sub : Redistribution of Non-Gazetted posts.

A copy of Ministry of Railways, Railway Board’s letter bearing No.E(MPP)/2021/1/13 dated 19.04.2022 (RBE No. 54/2022) is attached herewith for information, guidance and further necessary action.

Railway Board’s earlier letter dated 25.03.2021 (RBE No.24/2021) & 14.01.2022 (RBE No.08/2022) as mentioned therein were circulated under this office Serial Circular No.26/2021 & 09/2022 respectively.

D.A. : As above.

Dy.Chief Personnel Officer / HQ
for Pr.Chief Personnel Officer
Phone No. 24106



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