leave rule-Other Purposes

(l)  Other Purposes.
(i)  Trg and duty for officially sponsored auxiliary police  organizations, such as Home Guard, National Voluntary Corps  etc.

  (ii)  Trg as a member of St John Ambulance Brigade.
(iii)  For joining urban unit of TA for a maximum of 14 days.

(iv) Interview/medical examination at the time of actual recruitment in urban unit of TA.

(v)  Trg with P&T unit of TA.

(vi)  For participation in Republic Day Parade as a member of St John Ambulance Brigade.

(vii)  Donation of blood to a recognized Blood Bank on the day of the blood donation.

(viii)  14 days plus period of journey to members of Lok Sahayak Sena and who have won certificate to participate in Republic Day parade.

(ix)  For attending Court of Law as jurors.

(x)  A maximum of 6 days plus journey period to the members of Indian Institute of Public Administration who reside outside Delhi.

(xi)  A maximum of 7 days in a year to the members of St John Ambulance Association for performing duties on the occasion of festivals, natural calamities etc.

(m)  Combination of Casual/Regular Leave with Special CL.Special CL and CL can be combined but not regular leave with Special CL 

(n)  LTC during Special CL.    Can be availed.

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