General Principles governing leave with relevant CCS Leave Rules

(i) Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. _ Rule 7 (1).

(ii) The Leave sanctioning authority may refuse or revoke leave of
any kind, but cannot alter the kind of leave due and applied for. –
Rule 7 (2)

(iii) Leave of one kind taken earlier may be converted into leave of
a different kind at a later date at the request of the official and at the
discretion of authority who granted the leave. The Government
servant should apply for such conversion within thirty days of a
completion of the relevant spell of leave. This, however, cannot be
claimed as a matter of right by the official. – Rule 10 (i) and Proviso.

(iv) Conversion of one kind of leave into leave of a different kind is
permissible only when applied for by the official while in service and
not after quitting service. – Rule 10, GII.

(v) Leave sanctioning authority may commute retrospectively
periods of absence without leave into Extraordinary leave. Rule32 (6).
(vi) No leave of any kind can be granted for a continuous period
exceeding five years except with the sanction of the President. Rule12

(vii) An official on leave should not take up any service or
employment elsewhere without obtaining prior sanction of the
Competent Authority. – Rule 13

(viii) Willful absence from duty after the expiry of leave renders a
Government servant liable to disciplinary action. – Rule 25 (2)

(ix) Absence without leave not in continuation of any authorized
leave will constitute an interruption of service unless it is regularized
– Audit Instruction under Rule 25 (1).

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