Enhanced Variable Dearness Allowance for Mining Workers from 01.10.2023

The Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of India, through an official order dated September 26, 2023, has revised the rates of Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) for certain categories of employees. This revision is based on the average Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers, which has increased from 378.58 to 385.97 as of June 30, 2023 (Base 2016=100), representing a 7.39-point increase.

Ministry of Labour & Employment’s VDA Adjustment for Mining Sector

F.No. 1/8(2)/2023-LS-II
Government of India
Ministry of Labour & Employment
Office of the Chief Labour Commissioner(C)
New Delhi

Dated: 26/9/2023


In exercise of the powers conferred by Central Government vide Notification No. S.O. 2413(E) dated 28th July, 2017 of the Ministry of Labour and Employment the undersigned hereby revise the rates of Variable Dearness Allowance on the basis of the average Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers reaching 385.97 from 378.58 as on 30.06.2023 (Base 2016=100) and thereby resulting in an increase of 7.39 points. The revised Variable Dearness Allowance as under shall be payable from 01.10.2023; –

Rates of Variable Dearness Allowance for employees employed in employments in Gypsum Mines, Barytes Mines, Bauxite Mines, Manganese Mines, China Clay Mines, Kyanite Mines, Copper Mines, Clay Mines, Magnesite Mines, White Clay Mines, Stone Mines, Steatite Mines (including the mines producing Soap Stones and Talc), Ochre Mines, Asbestos Mines, Fire Clay Mines, Chromite Mines, Quartzite Mines, Quartz Mines, Silica Mines, Graphite Mines, Felspar Mines, Laterite Mines, Dolomite Mines, Red Oxide Mines, Wolfram Mines Iron Ore Mines, Granite Mines, Rock Phosphate Mines, Hematite Mines, Marble and Calcite Mines, Uranium Mines, Mica Mines, Lignite Mines, Gravel Mines, Slate Mines and Magnetite Mines.

Category of workerRates of V.D.A. (in Rs.) per day
For work above groundFor work below ground
Semi-Skilled/Unskilled Supervisory191228
Skilled/ Clerical228265
Highly Skilled265295

Therefore the minimum rates of wages showing the basic rates and Variable Dearness Allowance Payable w.e .f. 01.10.2023 Will be as under:-

Category of workerRates of wages including V.D.A. (in Rs.) per day
For work above groundFor work below ground
Semi-Skilled/Unskilled Supervisory437+191=628523+228=751
Skilled/ Clerical523+228=751610+265=875
Highly Skilled610+265=875683+295=978

The classification of workers under different categories will be same as in Part-I of the notification , whereas classification of cities will be same as in the Part-II of the notification dated 19th January, 2017. The present classification of cities into areas A , B & C is enclosed at Annexure I for ready reference.

(Remis Tiru)
Chief Labour Commissioner(C)


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