e-HRMS Implementation in Postal Department

The Department of Posts in India is initiating the implementation of various modules within the e-HRMS (Electronic Human Resource Management System) for its officers. This communication, dated September 4, 2023, is addressed to Chief Postmasters General, the Director of RAKNPA Ghaziabad, and Directors of all Postal Training Centres.

The purpose is to request these authorities to provide necessary information regarding IPoS Group ‘A’ and PS Group ‘B’ officers in their respective circles or units, following the provided format. The deadline for submitting this information is September 15, 2023, and an option to send the details via email is also provided.

Implementation of e- HRMS modules in Department of Posts


Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001
Dated: 04-.09.2023


All Chief Postmasters General
Director, RAKNPA Ghaziabad
Directors, All Postal Training Centres.

Subject: Implementation of e- HRMS modules in Department of Posts – Reg.


I am directed to refer subject mentioned above and to state that Department of Posts has been planning to implement different modules of eHRMS for the officers working in Postal Department. It is, therefore, requested to provide the information pertaining to the IPoS Group ‘A’ and PS Group ‘B’ officers working in your circle/unit in the enclosed illustrated format latest by 15.09.2023 Information may be also sent by mail on dopspg@gmail.com

  1. It is also requested to digitalize the service book of IPoS Group ‘A’ and PS Group ‘B’ officers working in your circle/unit on priority basis.

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

Yours faithfully,

Encl.: As above.

(Hemant Kumar)
Assistant Director General (SPG)

NameSurnameDesignationStateMob.Date of BirthDate of RetirementPreferred Email


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