SPARSH for Defence Civilian Pensioners

This is regarding the implementation of the SPARSH system for defense civilian pensioners. The document outlines specific procedures to be followed when submitting pension and gratuity claims for verification.

It states that a descriptive roll is not needed, and instead, PAN/Aadhar details of the officer and spouse are sufficient for authentication. It also mentions that the LPC/Data sheet is no longer required, and instead, an Annexure-I showing pay details of the last 10 months, signed by a competent officer, should be submitted.

The application for a pensioner’s Identity Card should be sent along with the pension paper. The central and regional commands are instructed to disseminate this information to their respective formations. The document is signed by Jai Prakash, IDSE, on behalf of the Central Record Office (Officers).

Implementation of sparsh for defence civilian pensioners

Central Record Office (Officers)
c/o 56 APO


27 Jul 2023

E-in-C’s Branch (E1B Section)
Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg
New Delhi

ADG (NEI) Guwahati
ADG (D&C) Kirkeee, Pune
ADG (N) Jammu (J&K)
ADG (Project) Chennai |
HQ Chief Engineer(s)
Southern Command, PIN -908541
Eastern Command, PIN -908542
Western Command, PIN-908543
Central Command, PIN-908544
Northern Command, PIN-908545
South Western Command, PIN-908546


  1. Further to this office letter No CRO4/15/SPARSH/139/Coord dt 06 Jun 2022.
  2. Followings procedure be adopted before submitting the pension/gratuity claim in duplicate:-

(a) Descriptive roll is not required as details of PAN/Aadhar of Offr and spouse is sufficient documents for their verification/authentication and the same are being used nowadays.

(b) LPC/Data sheet is not required to be fwd and to be treated as null and void. In lieu, Annexure-I showing Pay details of last 10 months is reqd duly signed by the competent officer. Format of Annexure-I is enclosed.

(c) The application for pensioner’s Identity Card may be fwd along with pension paper.

  1. In view of the above CEs Command/ ADGs are requested to issue the instructions to all the formations under their AOR accordingly.

Encl: 1 Sheet

(Jai Prakash,IDSE)
CRO (Officers)

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