PFRDA’s Retirement Awareness Program for NPS Subscribers

The circular pertains to the Retirement Awareness Programme initiated by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). The program’s purpose is to educate subscribers of the National Pension System (NPS) about the system’s features, benefits, and the various choices available to them within the NPS framework. The aim is to empower these subscribers to make informed decisions regarding their retirement planning.

PCDA – PFRDA’s Retirement Awareness Programme to educate subscribers on NPS

रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक, पश्चिमी कमान
सैक्टर 9, चण्डीगढ़ – 160009
Sector-9, Chandigarh-160009


Dated :25/08/2023


The Officer in Charge

  1. AAO (Pay) WC, Jalandhar Cantt
  2. AAO (Pay) WC, Pathankot Cantt
    3 PAO, (OR) 14 GTC, Solan
  3. Pay Section (Local)
  4. AN Pay (Local)
  5. All AOGEs under PCDA(WC) Chandigarh

Sub:-PFRDA’s Retirement Awareness Programme to educate subscribers on NPS about its features and benefit including choices available under NPS and empowering them to take an informed decision.

A copy of PFRDA letter No. PERDA/17/08/11/0021/2017-SUP-SG dated 03.07.2023 on the subject mentioned above is enclosed herewith for perusal, information and further disseminating the information to all concerned.

(M.P. Mandan)
Asst. Controller


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