Pension Arrears Payment: Implementation of DOPPW’s Nomination Rules

The Ministry of Railways in the Government of India, through its Railway Board, has issued a circular numbered RBA No.24/2023 dated 02.08.2023. This circular is addressed to the CMDs/MDs of all banks responsible for disbursing Railway Pensions.

The circular pertains to the nomination process by pensioners under the Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules of 1983. The main purpose of this communication is to inform the banks about the process and rules related to the payment of life-time arrears of pension to pensioners.

Facilitating Lifetime Arrears Disbursement: Guidelines for Bank Nomination by Railway Pensioners

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

RBA N0.24/2023

No. 2020/AC-II/21/3

New Delhi, dated 02.08.2023

The CMDs/ MDs
All Banks
disbursing Railway Pension

Sub: Nomination by pensioners under the Payment of Arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983 for payment of life- time arrears.

Ref :- 1.DOPPW’s Letter . no . 1/2 (40)/2022-P&PW(E ) dated 31.03.2022.

Please find enclosed a copy of the letter issued by DOPPW on the above subject for information, guidance and compliance. These instructions may also be circulated widely for strict compliance by all concerned.

DA : As above

(Ajay Bartwal)
Joint Director Finance / CCA
Railway Board
Email ld : ajay. bartwal[at]
Ph No : 230847018

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