Introducing Affordable Meals and Packaged Water in GS Coaches

The Indian Ministry of Railways has issued a directive (No. 2023/Catering/600/04) to all Zonal Railways and IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) on the 25th of July, 2023. The directive pertains to the provision of affordable meals and packaged drinking water in General Second Class (GS) coaches. This directive follows previous instructions issued on the 27th of June, 2023, regarding the implementation of these provisions.

Provision of economy meals and affordable packaged drinking water in GS coaches

(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD)

No. 2023/Catering/600/04

New Delhi, Dated: 25.07.2023

Principal Chief Commercial Managers,
All Zonal Railways.
New Delhi.

Sub:- Provision of economy meals and affordable packaged drinking water in GS coaches.

Ref:-(i) Board’s letter of even no. dated 27.06.2023.
(ii) IRCTC’s letter no. Z019/IRCTC/Catg./Policy Instructions/02 dated 20.07.2023 & 25.07.2023.

This is in continuation to Board’s instructions issued vide letter referenced above (Ref-i) vide which Zonal Railways/IRCTC were advised to take necessary action for making provision of economy meals and affordable sealed glass of packaged drinking water at platforms of stations for the passengers of GS coaches. Further, IRCTC, vide letter dated 20.07.2023, has raised few concerns regarding implementation of the scheme. The same have been examined in Board’s office and following is advised:

  1. Zonal Railways must ensure earmarking of space at platforms for service counters in terms of Board’s letter dated 27.06.2023 to enable IRCTC to provide seamless service of economy meals, snack/combo meals and affordable packaged drinking water to passengers of GS coaches. The compliance in this regard may be forwarded to this office by 27.07.2023.
  2. Any one option of the following rice based economy meals may also be made available from such service counters in addition to the aloo-poori economy meal as per the details below:
S.N.Item with Wt.Packaging detailsTariff(₹)
1Lemon Rice (200 gm) with PickleAluminum foil casserole with wooden spoon20/-
2Curd Rice (200 gm) with Pickle
3Tamarind Rice (200 gm) with Pickle
4Dal Khichdi (200 gm) with Pickle
  1. The existing Refreshment Rooms at B & below category of stations which are under the management of Zonal Railways should also make provision of such economy meals, combo/snack meals and affordable packaged drinking water to the passengers of GS coaches through extended service counters under the framework of Board’s instructions dated 27.06.2023 and related instructions issued from time to time.

Immediate necessary action may be taken in accordance with the above.

(Sumeet Singh)
DTCG as Dir.(T&C)
Railway Board

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