Clarification on Granting Notional Increment for Pensionary Benefits to Retired Employees

The Ministry of Railways, Government of India, issued a clarification (No. PC-V1/2023/Misc./03) on August 2, 2023, to the General Manager of North Central Railway. This clarification pertains to the grant of notional increments for pensionary benefits to employees who retired on June 30th before receiving the increment due on July 1st or January 1st.

Contempt Petitions and Notional Increment for Pensionary Benefits


No. PC-V1/2023/Mise./03

New Delhi, dated: 02.08.2023

The General Manager
North Central Railway

Sub: Grant of notional increment (as due on 1st July/1st January) for the pensionary benefits to those employees who had retired on 30th of June before drawing the same – Clarification reg.

Ref: (i) Board’s letter No. PC-V1/2020/Misc./01 dated 10.07.2023.
(ii) NCR’s letter No. 2023/NCR/A/Cs Contempt Petition/SKM dated 12.7.2023

Contempt petition No. 330/50/2023 in O. A. No. 330/126/2022 (Sushim Kumar Mishra & ORS Vs. Satish Kumar & 02. others ) filed before Hon*ble CAT/Allahabad Bench forwarded vide NCR’s letter under reference may please be referred to.

  1. Another contempt petition no. 377/2023 in OA No. 1512/2022 filed by Rajdeep Kumar Sharma and Others has also been received in Board’s office. It has been observed from the said CP that Secretary Railway Board, Joint Director/ Pay Commission, GM/North Central Railway, DRM Agra Cantt in CR, Secretary/DoP&T have been impleaded as contemnors in the said CP.

3, The contempt petition has been examined in consultation with DoP&T. Keeping in view the directions passed by Hon‘ble Tribunal vide its order dated 06.07.2023 in CP No. 330 50’2023 and the advice tendered by Department of Personnel and Training in the Matter, it is advised that orders of Hon‘ble Tribunal to grant the benefit of notional increment to applicants may be implemented in favour of the applicants only on personam basis, subject to any administrative directions received from DOP&T in the aforesaid CPs.

  1. Action taken in the matter may also be appraised to this office. It shall be ensured that no embarrassing’ unpleasant situation may arise out of the contempt cases especially to senior officials of Railway Board and Zonal Railways.

(Sundeep Pal)
Executive Director, Pay Commission
Railway Board
Tel. No. 011-47845117
Email add: sundeep.p[at]
4th floor, Room No. 7

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