Implementing Revised Yardsticks for Manpower Rationalization

The Ministry of Railways in India has issued a communication to all the General Managers of Indian Railways, including Production Units and other departments, regarding the rationalization of manpower and the revision of yardsticks for its implementation.

The rationalization of posts is conducted periodically to align the manpower requirements with changing working conditions, the introduction of new technologies and systems, and the creation of new assets. Regular work studies are also carried out to optimize the manpower utilization in various activities of the Railways. This ensures that the human resources of Indian Railways are utilized efficiently and productively.

Rationalization of Manpower- revision of yardsticks-Implementation



Dated, 28/06/2023

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways, including Production Units and Others

Sub: Rationalization of Manpower- revision of yardsticks-Implementation-reg.

Rationalization of posts is periodically done based on manpower requirement. Manpower planning requires continuous review of sanctioned strength in view of changing working conditions, introduction of new technologies. systems, creation of new assets etc. Work studies are also regularly being conducted for rationalization of manpower in Railways for various activities. This exercise enables Indian Railways to utilize its human resources in most efficient and productive manner.

Revision of yardsticks for various departments is under process under an action plan formulated by Board for Manpower Management. taking into account technology Upgradation, Outsourcing experience and Benchmarking standards set by different Railways. In the course of this exercise the revised yardsticks for some of the departments have been issued from Board and railways were advised to implement the same.

With regard to above, all Zonal Railways/PUs and other units are advised to implement the revised yardsticks and rationalize the manpower for better utilization of staff for improving the productivity.

Amit Singh Mehra
Director (MPP)

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