Update on the Merger of PA (SBCO) and PA (FPO) with PA (PO)

The Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts in India has issued a letter announcing the merger of Postal Assistants (SBCO) and Postal Assistants (FPO) with Postal Assistants (PO). The merger, which took effect from January 1, 2023, was previously communicated in a letter dated November 16, 2022, along with detailed instructions on the merger process. Subsequent clarifications and instructions were also provided in a letter dated December 23, 2022.

Merger of PA (SBCO) and PA (FPO) with PA (PO)

No. Q-25/11/2022-PE-I-DOP
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(PE-I Section)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110001
Dated: 30th May, 2023


All Heads of Circles.

Subject: Merger of PA (SBCO) and PA (FPO) with PA (PO) regarding.

Madam /Sir,

Kindly refer to this office letter of even number dated 16.11.2022, on the subject mentioned above, vide which orders were issued for merger of PA (SBCO) and PA (FPO) with PA (PO) with effect from 01.01.2023 along with the detailed modalities for the merger. Subsequently, some clarifications/further instructions were also issued vide letter of even number dated 23.12.2022.

  1. Further, it was requested, vide letter of even number dated 14.03.2023, to furnish the status report/outcome of the aforesaid merger. As per the reports received from the Circles, around 68 % officials of PA (SBCO) cadre have opted to switch over to PA (PO) and 9.21 % officials of PA (FPO), Mumbai, cadre have opted to merge with PA (PO). Further, requests have been received to give permission to all such officials who could not exercise their option to switch over to PA (PO) cadre.
  2. Therefore, it has been decided to give another opportunity to the left-out PA (SBCO) of all Circles and PA (FPO), Mumbai to exercise their option to switch over to PA (PO). This opportunity shall be available from 01.06.2023 to 30.06.2023 (Both days inclusive).
  3. The left-out officials of PA (SBCO) and PA (FPO), Mumbai who shall now exercise their option to switch over to PA (PO) during this window shall be deemed to have exercised their option by 31.01.2023, i.e. the last date of the first opportunity. This is the last opportunity for left out PA (SBCO) and PA (FPO) cadre officials and no further chance will be given.
  4. All other terms & conditions, as mentioned in this office letters of even number dated 16.11.2022 & 23.12.2022, shall remain the same.

Yours faithfully,

(R. N. Bharti)
Director (Estt.)
Tele: 011-2304 4822


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