SSE Post Transfer to CoE – Railways

The Government of India’s Ministry of Railways, through a circular (RBE No. 73/2023), has announced the transfer of 16 Senior Section Engineer (SSE) posts at Level-7 from Zonal Railways to the Centre of Excellence (CoE) at IRISET, Secunderabad.

The objective of this transfer is to enhance expertise and technical knowledge in the field of modern signalling and telecommunication technologies. The circular emphasizes that only posts belonging to the Direct Recruitment (DR) element should be transferred to CoE to protect the promotional opportunities of the employees.

Transfer of SSE post (Level-7) to CoE from Zonal Railways


RBE No. 73/2023

No. E(MPP)2023/1/12

Dated, 06/06/2023

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways

Sub: Transfer of SSE post (Level-7) to CoE from Zonal Railways.

  1. Sanction of Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) Is hereby communicated for transfer of 16 SSE posts(Level-7) to Centre of Excellence (CoE) from Zonal Railways (as per annexure attached) for manning CoE at IRISET, Secunderabad for modern Signalling and Telecommunication technologies with an objective to provide expertise and technical inputs in the field of modern signalling and Telecommunication.
  2. Zonal Railways should ensure that only DR element posts are transferred to CoE, IRISET to safeguard the promotional prospects of the employees.
  3. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

4 Please acknowledge receipt.

Amit Singh Mehra
Director (MPP)

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