Guidelines for Obtaining Prior Permission for Long Term Regular Courses

The Office of the Controller General of Accounts in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, has issued an office memorandum regarding the requirement of prior permission before applying for long-term regular courses.

The memorandum highlights instances where officers of the Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS) have applied for such courses in foreign institutions without informing their cadre until they are selected.

Prior permission before applying for long term regular courses

F.No. A-11013/1/2021-Group A- CGA-Part(2)/(12228) 552
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Office of Controller General of Account
Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan,
INA, E Block, New Delhi-110023.

Date: 25th May, 2023


Subject: Prior permission before applying for long term regular courses.

Instances have come to the notice where ICAS officers have applied for long term regular courses in foreign institutions and informed the Cadre only on the event of selection in the course.

  1. per extant guidelines, study leave / permission to attend long term domestic/foreign regular course may only be granted with due regard to the exigencies of public service. Further, Study Leave out of India shall not be granted for such Studies in subjects for which adequate facilities exist in India.
  2. Presently, there is acute shortage of officers in the Cadre. Hence, it is not possible to accede to the requests of officers for attending long term courses that too a with a very short notice to the Cadre. Needless to say, prior to granting of any study leave, the administrative authority will consider vacancy position in the specific grade as well as usefulness of the course for the Cadre.
  3. Considering the above, it has been decided that ICAS officers will first obtain NOC from the Cadre before applying for a particular regular course. The Cadre will consider the vacancy position and the usefulness of the course for the Cadre before granting / not granting NOC. No permission for attending course & study leave Shall be granted in case NOC is not obtained before applying for the Course.
  4. The above instructions shall continue till further orders.

(Sanjai Singh)
Joint Controller General of Accounts (HR-1)


All ICAS Officers


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