Final Instructions for Implementation of Revised Yardsticks for Telecom Department

The Ministry of Railways, Government of India, has issued a letter to all General Managers of Indian Railways, including Production Units and others, regarding the revision of yardsticks for the Telecom Department. The letter refers to previous communications on the same subject.

The Railway Board has decided that the distribution of the sanctioned strength of staff, including the Leave Reserve, will be done on a zone-wise basis as per the attached Annexure.

It is emphasized that any ambiguity in the previous instructions regarding the revised yardsticks should be clarified by following the instructions provided in this letter, which will be considered final for implementation. The letter is issued with the approval of the competent authority and is signed by Amit Singh Mehra, Director (MPP).

Revision of Yardsticks of Telecom Department


No. E(MPP)2021/1/1

Dated 16/05 /2023

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways, including Production Units and Others

Sub: Revision of Yardsticks of Telecom Department.

Ref: This office letters of even no. dated 13/10/2022, 15/11/2022 & 12/01/2023.

In continuation to letters under reference regarding revision of yardsticks for Telecom department, Board has decided that Zone-Wise distribution of the Sanctioned strength of staff, including the Leave Reserve, would be as per Annexure attached.

Further, in case of any ambiguity in the instructions issued regarding revised yardsticks, the instructions being issued vide this letter will be considered as final for implementation.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.


Amit Singh Mehra
Director (MPP)

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