Enhancing Selection Processes for Promotional Vacancies in Railways

RBE No-78/2023, issued by the Ministry of Railways, emphasizes the need to fill up promotional vacancies, particularly in the Safety category. The Railway Board has previously instructed the Railways to utilize various methods of promotions such as selection, non-selection, trade tests, LDCE, and GDCE to fill these vacancies promptly.

The Zonal Railways are urged to assess their vacancies and plan for their fulfillment according to their selection calendars. A special drive is recommended to fill up the promotional vacancies, with specific attention to safety category posts, using appropriate selection methods.

The Railways are also reminded to regularly update the data related to monthly promotions and quarterly targets on the shared google-sheets, as the situation is being monitored at the highest level.

Fill up of promotional vacancies by selection/general selection/non-selection, especially of Safety category posts

RBE No-78/2023

(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD)

No. E(NG)I/2023/PM1/13

New Delhi, dated 12.06.2023

The General Manager
All Zonal Railways/PUs
(As per standard mailing list)

Sub: Fill up of promotional vacancies by selection/general selection/non-selection, especially of Safety category posts.

As the Railway administrations are aware, instructions have been issued by the Board from time to time emphasizing the need for filling up promotional vacancies. Attention is invited to Board’s letter No. E(NG)I/2020/PM1/5/Pt.I dated 26.05.2022 (RBE No. 62/2022) vide which instructions have been last reiterated that Railways should ensure making use of all modes of promotions such as Selection/Non-Selection/Trade Test/LDCE/GDCE liberally to fill up the vacancies timely by chalking out suitable action plan for the same.

Zonal Railways should have by now assessed their vacancies and planned for filling them up as per their fresh selection calendars. It is reiterated that they may undertake a special drive to fill up the promotional vacancies, especially of safety category posts, through selection/General selection/non-selection/trade test, whichever is applicable in the matter.

Further it has been noticed that the Zonal Railways are not regularly filling up the data regarding monthly promotion and quarterly target etc. on the google-sheets shared with the Zonal Railways. It is requested that the requisite data may please be arranged to be got filled up immediately as the position is being monitored at the highest level. Links of the google-sheets are as under:


Hindi version will follow.

Please acknowledge receipt.

DA: Nil.

(Sanjay Kumar)
Deputy Director Estt.(N)
Railway Board
E-mail: sanjay.kumar6[at]gov.in
Ph. No. 43658/01123303658


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