CGHS Beneficiaries Complain of Overcharging and IP Deposit

The Office of the Additional Director of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) in Pune has issued a notice to all Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) regarding the extra charging and IP deposit from CGHS beneficiaries. The Ministry has received numerous complaints about HCOs overcharging and requiring IP deposits from beneficiaries, despite the revision in consultation charges and room rent charges.

The Ministry has taken this matter seriously and instructed the CGHS Pune office to take strict action against such HCOs. The HCOs are advised to adhere to the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) and refrain from forcing beneficiaries to make IP deposits or overcharge them for treatment.

Starting from June 19, 2023, a 15% penalty will be imposed and deducted from the Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) of any HCO found guilty of extra charging, IP deposit, or harassment of CGHS beneficiaries. HCOs that have not yet submitted the MoA are urged to do so promptly to maintain their empanelment under CGHS Pune.

Extra charging /IP deposit from the CGHS beneficiaries

Office of the Additional Director
‘Swasthya Sadan’, 2nd Flr,Mukundnagar, Pune

Tel : 020-24262831


Date: 15.06.2023

No. CGHS/ESTT/6-32(A)/235106



Sub: Extra charging /IP deposit from the CGHS beneficiaries.

In context to above mentioned subject, it is to inform that the Ministry has noticed that, many complaints from CGHS beneficiaries regarding over charging and IP deposit being charged by HCOs, even after revision in the of consultation charges and charges of room rent for wards etc still received.

This issue has been taken very seriously by the Ministry and instructed this office to take strict action against such HCOs. In this regard, you all the HCOS are requested to follow the signed MoA and not to force the beneficiaries for IP Deposit and do not over charge in the bills of beneficiaries treatment.

In this regard it is strictly informed that from 19th June 2023, if any complaints are received in this office regarding extra charging/IP deposit/harassment of CGHS beneficiaries 15% penalty shall be imposed and deducted from the PBG of the concerned HCO forthwith without any further intimation.

The HCOS who have not submitted the MoA are requested to submit the same immediately for continued empanelment under CGHS Pune.

Yours faithfully
Additional director

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