Biometric Attendance System for Officials in the Board’s Office

The Ministry of Railways in India has issued an office order (No. 34 of 2023) regarding the biometric attendance and punctuality of officials working in the Railway Board’s office. The order emphasizes the importance of adhering to office timings and the proper monitoring of the Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS). It expresses concern over the declining percentage of employees arriving on time and highlights the need for punctuality.

The order states that late attendance will result in the deduction of half a day’s casual leave, and habitual latecomers may face disciplinary action. Leaving early is treated the same way as arriving late. Previous instructions for monitoring attendance and punctuality have already been issued, and any issues related to the biometric attendance system should be reported to the designated authorities.

Biometric Attendance and Punctuality of Officials in Board’s Office

(रेलवे बोर्ड) (RAILWAY BOARD)

Office Order No. 34 of 2023

Sub : Biometric Attendance and Punctuality of Officials in Board’s Office

Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) was enabled for marking of Attendance of Officials working in Board’s Office vide Office Order No. 80 & 91 of 2014. Instructions on adherence to office timings and proper monitoring of Biometric Attendance System by supervisors have been brought out vide Office Order No.107 of 2016 and 73 of 2017 wherein directives have been issued for Section Officers and Executive Directors to strictly ensure punctuality by all Officers/Staff working under them.

  1. Recently, it has been observed that percentage of Employees(both Officers/Staff) coming to office in time has considerably declined which has been viewed seriously by the Administration.

2.1 The normal hours of attendance at office are from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on all working days with a lunch interval of half an hour from 1.00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. All officials of this office are expected to be in his/her seat and at work by 9.00 a.m. All Officers may also ensure that not only staff working under them but they themselves should also adhere to Office timings.

  1. After the implementation of Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System(AEBAS), there is no change in the instructions relating to office hours, late attendance etc. which inter alia provides that half-a-day’s Casual Leave will be debited for each day of late attendance. However, late attendance upto an hour not more than two occasions in a month and on justifiable grounds may be condoned by the competent authority. In addition to debiting Casual Leave (or L.A.P. when no Casual Leave is available), disciplinary action can also be taken against the railway servants who are habitually late. Early leaving is also to be treated in the same manner as late coming.
  2. Instructions for proper monitoring of attendance/punctuality of officials working in Board’s Office have already been issued vide Office Order No.107 of 2016. Concerned Officer may report the matter regarding staff who are habitual late comer to ERB sections. Any issues related to registration/marking of attendance in AEBAS or monitoring of attendance may be reported to Sr.Programmer/RBCC.
  3. The above instructions may be adhered to by all officers/staff without fail.

Dated:- 06.06.2023

(T. Srinivas)
Joint Secretary/ Railway Board
Tele No.: 011-47845551
Email ID : t.srinivas1[at]


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