Urgent Notice to Doctor on Mandatory Prescription of Generic Medicines

The Directorate General of Health Services, under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, has issued a strict compliance notice to all doctors working in Central Government Hospitals, CGHS Wellness Centers, and Polyclinics. The notice emphasizes that doctors must prescribe only generic medicines, as previously instructed.

Despite these instructions, some doctors, including residents, have been found prescribing branded medicines. This non-compliance is being viewed seriously by the competent authority. The head of institutions is required to ensure strict adherence to the directive among the doctors working under them. Failure to comply may result in further action.

Strict Compliance Notice to Doctors in Central Government Hospitals

File No.2Z.28017/27/2023-SAS-IIi (FTS-8216801)
Govt. of India
M/o Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of Health Services

निर्माण भवन, नई दिल्‍ली
दिनांक 12 मई, 2023

Office Order

It is to be noted that all the Doctors in the Central Government Hospitals/CGHS Wellness Centers / Polyclinics have been instructed time and again to prescribe Generic Medicines ONLY. Despite this, it has been observed that Doctors (including Residents) in some instances continue to prescribe branded medicines. This has been viewed strictly by the competent authority.

  1. This may be noted by all head of institutions, and they may ensure strict compliance by the doctors working under them.
  2. If anyone continues to be non-compliant, he/she shall be liable for further action.
  3. Further, it may be ensured that visits of Medical Representative to hospitals premises are completely curtailed. Any information about a new launch may be communicated by way of email only.

(Dr. Atul Goel)
Director General Health Services

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