Instant Approval of Visitor Passes via SWAGATAM Portal

The Ministry of Railways in India has announced the availability of visitor passes through the SWAGATAM portal. Currently, visitor passes are issued at the Reception Cell in Rail Bhawan after confirming the visitors’ identity and entering their details into the SWAGATAM portal.

This process requires time and leads to queues at the reception counter. To streamline the process, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has developed the SWAGATAM portal, which allows visitors to log in with their mobile numbers and OTP, enter their details, and submit their request for an approved visitor pass before arriving at Rail Bhawan.

Availability of Visitor Pass in SWAGATAM portal

(रेलवे बोर्ड/RAILWAY BOARD)


Sub: Availability of Visitor Pass in SWAGATAM portal.

At present, the Ministry of Home Affairs’ (MHA) Reception Cell at Ground Floor in Rail Bhawan issues daily visitor passes after getting telephonic confirmation of the visitors’ identity from the concerned officers (JD/DS & above) or their personal staff, feeding in the visitor details into the SWAGATAM portal ( -developed by MHA), taking the visitors’ photographs and then issuing the entry passes. All these activities consume precious time and necessitates queueing up of people at the Reception counter.

  1. MHA has developed the SWAGATAM portal in such a way that even before arriving at Rail Bhawan, the visitors can login to the said portal with their mobile numbers & OTP, key in their required details and submit for getting visitor pass approved. Further, the concerned Officer in Rail Bhawan (or their personal staff) can login to the SWAGATAM portal through the Officer’s Parichay account (the same as for or eOffice accounts), and check and approve / reject the visitor passes. All of the above process is completely electronic with only printing of the passes physically by the Reception Cell. This will significantly speed up generating visitor passes.
  2. At the outset, all Officers of the rank of JD/DS and above whose details are not yet available in the SWAGATAM portal, may please furnish their complete details (full name, designation, email id—, mobile no., room no. and railway telephone) to G. Branch at the earliest for entering the same in the portal. All the Officers may also kindly take note of the process as in para 2 above and also apprise the same to their personal staff and to the persons intending to visit them so as to avoid queueing up of people at the Reception counter and save precious office time.

(Priya Gopalakrishnan)
Deputy Secretary (G)
Railway Board


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