CGHS Ahmedabad adds New private HCOs to empanelment list

The Office Order No.CGHS/AHMD/EMP.HOSPITAL/2023/58 dated 11/04/2023 announces the empanelment of a private healthcare organization under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) in Ahmedabad, in accordance with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s letter dated 26/12/2017.

The newly empanelled hospital will be in addition to the existing empanelled hospitals in Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar/Vadodara and will be treated as included in the existing list of empanelled healthcare organizations under CGHS Ahmedabad. The empanelment is valid for 2 years or until new empanelment of HCOs, whichever is earlier.

Empanelment of Jardosh Dental Clinic under CGHS Ahmedabad





Sub: – Empanelment of Private Health Care Organization under CGHS. Ahmedabad as Per Ministry of health & Family Welfare New Delhi Letter no.S.11011/03/2018 CGHS (HEC) dated 26/12/2017.

With reference to the Ministry’s Office Memorandum no. S.11011/03/2018-CGHS (HEC) dated 26/12/2017: the following health Care Organizations (HCO) is empaneled under CGHS Ahmedabad with effect from 11/04/2023 in addition to the existing HCOs impaneled under CGHS. Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar/Vadodara. The newly empaneled Hospitals may be treated as included in the existing list of empaneled health Care Organizations under CGHS Ahmedabad as per the terms and conditions of empanelment and MOA signed between CGHS and HCO. The empanelment is valid for 2 years or till the new empanelment of HCOs. whichever is earlier.

S. NoName of HCOsAddress & Telephone No.NARH/NonNodal Officer Name.MobileFacilities empanelled for
1JARDOSH DENTAL CLINIC410 ONYX – 2 COMPLEX ABOVE HDFC BANK JALARAM MANDIR ROAD PALDI AHMEDABAD – 380007NABHDr. Tapan Jardosh Ph – 9601805824 Booking/Appointment Ph – 9727801390Treatment Procedure Dental Procedures



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