Promotion scheme Staff Car drivers

Dopt – Information Document regarding Promotion scheme

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
ESTT.(Estt. D)

(Dated 18 November, 2022 )


Promotion scheme for staff car drivers

Note : While due care has been taken to compile this document, however, if any omissions or correction are noticed, the same may be brought to the notice of the Department of Personnel & Training.


2.1 The posts of Staff Car Drivers will be placed in the following three Pay Scales/ Pay Level, viz : Pay Level – 2, Level – 4, Level – 5 and Level – 6 in the ratio of 30:30:35:5.

2.1.1 The nomenclature of the posts in the various scales will be as under:-

S.No.Pay LevelNomenclature
1Pay Level – 2Staff Car Driver Ordinary Grade
2Pay Level – 4Staff Car Driver Grade II
3Pay Level – 5Staff Car Driver Grade I
4Pay Level – 6Special Grade

2.1.2 If any fresh vacancies are created as additions to the existing strength of Staff Car Drivers, they will be created only in the Pay Level – 2.

2.2 Where the Cadre is too small for the purpose of creation of higher grades, the possibility of combining of different cadres and operating it on a nodal basis may be considered by the concerned Ministries/Departments. In such cases, movement of personnel may not be required and the senior most driver(s) in the combined seniority/eligibility list promoted in situ.

2.3 The minimum eligibility criteria for appointment to the posts in the above scale will be as under:-

GradeEligibility Period
Ordinary GradeBasic Grade
Grade II of Staff Car Driver9 years of regular service in the Ordinary Grade.
Grade I of Staff Car Driver6 years regular service in the Grade-II or a combined service of 15 years in Grade-II and in Ordinary Grade put together.

2.4 The method of appointments to the posts in Grade II and Grade I of Staff Car Driver will be by promotion on Non-Selection (Seniority-cum-Fitness) basis and will be further subject to passing of a Trade Test of appropriate standard, contained in the Appendix-I to this OM. Promotion to the Special Grade shall be by non-selection (seniority-cum-fitness) from Grade I with 3 years’ regular service in Grade-I of Staff Car Drivers.

2.5 For the purpose of conducting Trade Test as required at these levels, a scheme in indicating the syllabus has been enclosed as Appendix-I to this OM.

2.6 All the above appointments will be subject to the application of reservation orders as applicable to these grades.

2.7 As the powers to frame Recruitment Rules for Group C posts have already been delegated to Ministries/Departments, they may frame the rules in accordance with the guidelines, by indicating the eligibility criteria laid down in this OM.


  1. These orders would not apply in the Ministries/ Departments where drivers already have more than one scale of pay.

[O.M. No. 22036/1/92-Estt.(D) dated 30.11.1993]

[O.M. No. 22036/1/92-Estt.(D) dated 27.07.1995]

[O.M. No.43019/54/96-Estt.(D) dated 15.02.2001]

  1. The minimum strength in the cadre of Staff Car Drivers required for placing one post of Staff Car Driver in the special grade would be 20. However, in respect of cadres where the strength of Staff Car Drivers is between 10 and 19, this Department agrees, as a special case, to allow placement of one post of Staff Car Driver in the special grade as the percentage fraction of post computed @ 5% of the total strength comes to 0.5 and above which may be rounded off to one. However, where the strength of Staff Car Drivers in a cadre/organization is below 10 and thus the percentage fraction is below 0.5, there can be no case for introducing the special grade. In such cases, only 3 grades (Ordinary Grade, Grade-II and Grade-I) can be introduced in the ratio of 30:30:40, by adding the quota of 5% to the Grade-I. However, the Ministries/Departments are at liberty in such cases to explore the possibility of combination of different cadres of Staff Car Drivers in Central Government organizations under their control and operating it on a nodal basis, as suggested in para 2.2 above, so as to allow the optimum benefit to the Staff Car Drivers. [O.M. No.43019/54/96-Estt.(D) dated 13.02.2002]
  2. The benefits of the MACPS shall also be extended to the regular Staff Car Drivers of the Central Government Ministries/Departments/Offices, as a fall back option, if they are unable to get promotion within the percentage based present system. Para 13 of the Annexure-l of OM No. 35034/3/2015-Estt.(D) dated 22.10.2019 relating to the MACP Scheme accordingly stands modified to this effect. In other words, the Staff Car Driver Scheme and the MACPS shall run concurrently.

[O.M. No.35011/03/2008-Estt.(D) dated 30.07.2010 and

OM No. 35034/3/2015-Estt.(D) dated 22.10.2019]


Promotion scheme Staff Car drivers

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