Finmin Order – Scrapping policy by DOE

Scrapping policy for condemned vehicle of Ministries/ Departments of Govt. of India

No.01(18)/2022 – E. II (A)
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
E.II(A) Branch

North Block, New Delhi
Dated 09.12.2022


Subject: Scrapping policy for condemned vehicle of Ministries/ Departments of Govt. of India – reg.

The undersigned is directed to invite attention of schedule VII of Delegation of Financial Powers, 1978 where in criteria for condemnation i.e., distance run (in kilometers) and age (in years) of certain vehicles have been prescribed.

  1. Considering the broad objectives of the Government to create an ecosystem to reduce pollution, improve passenger and vehicular safety, improve fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance cost for the vehicle owners, the existing provisions of condemnation of vehicles have been reconsidered in consultation with NITI Aayog and M/o Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).
  2. It has been decided that henceforth all the condemned vehicles (including prematurely condemned vehicles) belonging to Ministries/Departments of Government of India, shall only be scrapped. Scrapping of such vehicles shall only be at Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facilities (RVSF) established in accordance with guidelines issued by MoRTH.
  3. Vehicles which have been declared condemned or reached 15 years of age, whichever is earlier, will not be auctioned. All these vehicles shall only be scrapped at RVSF.
  4. Any exception shall require approval of the Department concerned at a level not below Joint Secretary, along with recording of reasons (Ex: Vehicles in remote parts of the country, if/until RVSF is not available in reasonable proximity, etc.). Copy of each such order shall be marked to MoRTH.
  5. The detailed procedure for Scrapping of all such vehicles shall be separately notified by MoRTH.
  6. Necessary amendments in General Financial Rules and/or Delegation of Financial Power Rules will be done in due course.
  7. This issues with the approval of Finance Secretary & Secretary (Expenditure).

(Avinash K. Nilankar)
Deputy Secretary, E. II (A)


Scrapping policy by DOE

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