Draw Procedure (Manual) for CGEWHO’s Housing Scheme

Draw of lots (Manual) for allotment of Specific flat/floor in CGEWHO’s Greater Noida (Phase-I) Housing Scheme

Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organization
6th Floor, ‘A’ Wing, Janpath Bhawan
New Delhi-110 001

No. A-504/11(XIV)

Date : 15/11/2022

The beneficiaries of Greater Noida (Revised-D6) Housing Scheme.

Subject: Draw of lots (Manual) for allotment of Specific flat/floor in CGEWHO’s Greater Noida (Phase-I) Housing Scheme: reg.


Please, refer to CGEWHO’s letter of even reference dated 16.08.2022 seeking additional car parking option and inviting options for preferential allotment of lowest floor Flat to persons with disability (PWD) as per CGEWHO Rule-24.

2. It has been decided that draw of lots of Revised Scheme for D-6 Block will be held at Community Centre, Kendriya Vihar, Greater Noida Project adopting manual method. The draw of lots for allotment specific flat/floor will be conducted by a Committee of Officers of CGEWHO. The allotment committee may bring any changes in the draw procedure as stated, if required, at any point of time and authorized to take help of any member-beneficiary in attendance for conducting the draw in smooth, transparent and independent manner.

3. In view of the above, allottee/beneficiary or one of his/her representative is invited to be present as per the schedule mentioned along with Photo Identity Card along with this Letter of Invitation with the envelope for security check &recording of attendance for participation in the draw of lots. The detailed ‘Draw Procedure’ is enclosed for information.

4. Allotment though draw of lots : Option for allotment of specific floors are NOT being invited since, lifts have been provided in all the blocks and differential costing has not been resorted to. The manual draw will be held at the Venue, Date and Time as per schedule given in the Table below:

Type of Flat Total No. Dwelling Unit Flat Day & Session
D6 (4BHK) 56 Community Centre, Kendriya Vihar Greater Noida Project, UP 201310.
{Google location :
Starting at 1000 Hrs. on 01.12.2022 (Thursday) in Pre-lunch session. Car Parking allotment will be done simultaneously on the basis of priority established during the process of draw of lots.

5. The allotment of flats all the types shall be made by a Committee of Officers (CoO from CGEWHO, including one nominated Representative by M/o Housing and Urban Affairs as member and in the presence of all beneficiaries as per Para 24 of CGEWHO Scheme Brochure: Part-B. The floor/flat and parking allotted by the ‘Draw Committee’ shall be final, cannot be changed.

SL. Name Designation Role in Committee
1. Shri Ramesh Jaiswal Director (Finance) Presiding Officer
2. Shri Roshan Kishore Asst Director-Administration Member Secretary
3. Shri Deepak Gupta Asst Director-General Member
4. Shri Raj Kr Bhatia General Manager Member
5. Shri Rajesh Katoch PS-Administration Member
6. Shri Varender Beri PA-Administration Member
7. Shri Chandan Singh Sr Office Asst.-Administration Member
8. Shri Uttam Singh Senior Accountant Member

6. The allotment of additional car parking will be made on the basis of priority established in the draw of lots from lowest parking Number to highest.

Yours faithfully,

Roshan Kishore
Asstt. Director (Administration)
for Chief Executive Officer

Source: www.cgewho.in

CGEWHO’s Housing Scheme

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