RBE No. 127/2022 : Non-functional Scale to Gr. ‘B’ officers in Railways

Grant of Non-functional Scale to Gr. ‘B’ officers in organized departments of Indian Railways

RBE No. 127/2022


No. E(GP)2003/2/22

New Delhi, dated: 12/10/2022

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways & Production Units

(Kind attn.: PCPOs/PFAs/Dy.CPO(G)/Dy.CAO(G))

Sub.: Grant of Non-functional Scale to Gr. ‘B’ officers in organized departments of Indian Railways- reg.

Ref.: Board’s letter no.E(GP)2003/2/22 dated 12.12.2018.

Please refer to instructions contained in Board’s letter no.E(GP)2003/2/22 dated 12.12.2018 on the aforementioned subject. It has now been decided to modify Para 3.3 of the said letter as under:

“GM will constitute a Committee consisting of 3 Heads of Deptt. including the PCPO/CPO, the HOD of the concerned department and another HOD. If none of them belong to SC/ST, a fourth officer belonging to SC/ST not below JAG has to be coopted as a member of the Committee. However, in the eventuality of the name of PHOD figuring in ‘Secret list’ or he/she may not be available due to any other compelling circumstances. General Manager may nominate any other HAG/SAG officer of the concerned department in the DPC. In view of their unavailability also due to some compelling reasons. PHOD/HAG/SAG officer of any other department of the Railway may be coopted for the DPC constituted for placement of Gr.B officers in the higher non-functional scale of Level-10.”

2. These instructions will take effect from the date of issue of this letter.

(Meenakshi Saluja)
Dy. Director, Estf.(GP)-III
Railway Board
Ph. No. 23047250
E.mail ID-meena.1964@gov.in

Source: indianrailways.gov.in

RBE No. 127/2022

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