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Santan Saptami Vrat Katha Overview

Santan Saptami Vrat is one of the most popular fasts of the Hindu calendar. Women observe this fast for the longevity and progress of their children. This fast is considered very fruitful.

Women who have children can not only observe this fast, as well as women who are facing any kind of obstacle in childbirth can also observe this fast. It is said that by observing this fast with devotion, childless women also get children.

Santan Saptami Vrat Katha

One day, Maharaja Yudhishthira said to God, O Lord! Tell me such a good fast, due to which many worldly troubles and sorrows of human beings can be removed and they become sons and grandsons. Hearing this, the Lord said, O king! You have asked a very good question. I’ll tell you a mythical history, listen carefully! Once upon a time, sage Lomay went to the house of Vasudev Devaki in Mathurapuri, Brajrat. Seeing Rishi Raj coming, both were very happy and made him sit on the best seat and worshiped and felicitated him in many ways. Then sanctified his house and body with the feet of the sage. He was happy and started telling the story to them.

While telling the story, Laumash said that O Devaki! The evil wicked sinner Kansa has killed many of your sons, due to which your heart is very sad. Similarly, Chandramukhi, the wife of King Nahush, also used to be unhappy, but she fasted on Saptami with the law. Due to whose glory he got the happiness of children. Hearing this, Devaki said to the sage with folded hands – O Rishiraj! Please tell me the complete story of Queen Chandramukhi and this fast with detail so that I too can get rid of this sorrow. Lomay Rishi said – O Devaki! Nahusha was the king of Ayodhya, his wife Chandramukhi was very beautiful.

A Brahmin named Vishnu Gupta lived in his city. His wife’s name was Bhadramukhi. She was also a very beautiful beauty. There was a lot of love between the queen and the Brahmin. One day both of them went to take a bath in the river Saryu. There he saw that many other women, after bathing in the Sarayu river, were worshiping by setting up idols of Shankar and Parvati in a mandap, wearing clean clothes. Seeing this, the queen and the Brahmin asked those women, Sisters! To which deity and for what reason are you worshiping, fasting etc. Hearing this, the women said that we are fasting on Santan Saptami and we have worshiped Shiva and Parvati with the help of sandalwood akshat etc. All this is the law of this holy fast.

Hearing this, the queen and the Brahmin also resolved to observe this fast and returned home. Brahmani Bhadra continued to observe this fast according to the rules, but because of the queen Chandramukhi Rajmad, she would never do this fast, sometimes she would never do it. Sometimes you forget. After some time both died. In the second birth, the queen monkey and the brahmin got the hen’s vagina. But the brahmin did not forget anything in the hen’s vagina and kept meditating on Lord Shankar and Parvati, on the other hand, the queen forgot everything in the monkeys’ vagina as well. After some time both of them left this body. Now his third birth took place in a human vagina.

That brahmin took birth as a girl in the house of a brahmin, that brahmin girl was named Bhushandevi and got married to an Agnisel brahmin, resident of Gokul, Bhushandevi was so beautiful that she looked very beautiful even though she was devoid of ornaments. Kamadeva’s wife Rati was also ashamed in front of him. Like the very beautiful moon of Bhushan Devi, eight sons of pious, hardworking, gentle nature were born. All this was the sacred fruit of Shiva’s fast. On the other hand, no son was born from the womb of the Shiva-faced queen, she became childless and sad. The love that was there in the first birth between the queen and the brahmin, still remains.

When the queen started attaining old age, she had a dumb, deaf and brainless young son, he left the fragile world at this moment at the age of nine. Now the queen’s son became very sad in mourning and started getting worried. By luck, Bhushan Devi Brahmani reached the queen’s place with her sons. Hearing the condition of the queen, she also felt very sad, but because of this, even Brahma himself cannot erase the writings of karma and destiny. The queen was also out of action, that’s why she had to suffer. Here, seeing this splendor and eight sons of Rani Panditani, she started envying him and a sin arose in her mind. That brahmin.

After removing the anger of the queen, he left his eight sons with the queen for the purpose. With the thought of killing those Brahmin sons, the queen fed them by mixing poison (poison) in the laddus, but by the grace of Lord Shankar, not a single child died. Seeing this, the queen was very surprised and decided to find out this secret. When Bhushan Devi came after retiring from the worship of God, the queen told him that to kill your sons, I fed them laddus mixed with poison, but none of them died, what charity have you done. Due to which this son of yours did not die and you are enjoying new happiness all the time.

You are very fortunate. You understand the difference between me honestly and I will be indebted to you a lot. Hearing such humble words of the queen, Bhushan Brahmini started saying, listen, I tell you the condition of three births. So listen carefully, in your first birth you were the wife of King Nahush and your name was Chandramukhi, I was Bhadramukhi and Brahmini, we you lived in Ayodhya and I had great love for you. One day we both of you went to take a bath in the Saryu river and seeing other women worshiping Lord Shiva on the fast of Saptami, we had promised to observe this excellent fast. But you forgot everything and you felt the fault of lying, which you are still suffering today.

I have always observed this fast according to the rules of ethics and I do it even today. In the second life you took the birth of a monkey and I got the vagina of a chicken, by the grace of Lord Shankar, did not forget the effect of this fast and God in this life and continued to do that fast according to the rules. You forgot even in the birth of your monkey. I understand that this is a great crisis on you, this is the only reason for it and no one else can be the reason for it.

That’s why I say that you should still observe the fast of Saptami with the method, so that your problem can be overcome. The sage Laumash said – Hearing the story and resolution of her previous birth from the mouth of Devaki Bhushan Brahmani, the queen remembered the old things. She came and started repenting and Bhushan fell at the feet of Brahmani and started apologizing and Lord Shankar started singing songs of the immense glory of Parvati ji, from that day onwards, the queen fasted on the child Saptami according to the rules, due to which the queen also got the happiness of children and after enjoying all the happiness, the queen went to Shivlok.

Such is the effect of Lord Shankar’s fast that even a path-corrupted person proceeds on his path and attains salvation by enjoying eternal opulence. Rishi Lomash again said that Devaki, therefore I also tell you that if you also resolve to observe this fast in your mind, then you will also get child happiness. Hearing this story, Devaki folded her hands and started asking Rishi Lomap, O Rishiraj! I will definitely do this holy fast, but please explain in detail the law, rules and regulations of fasting that gives welfare and child happiness.

Importance of Santan Saptami Vrat

  1. Santana Saptami Vrat is specially observed for the attainment of children, protection of children and progress of children.According to the scriptures, this fast is especially for women.
  2. Beneficial but equally beneficial to men.
  3. This is the best fast that gives happiness to children, destroyer of sins, which should be done by oneself and should also be done by others.
  4. Whoever observes this fast according to the rules and worships Lord Shankar and Parvati with a sincere heart, surely goes to Shivlok in the end.

Santan Saptami Vrat Katha Hindi PDF

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