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Sama Pancham Vrat Katha Overview

On Rishi Panchami, men and women worship the seven sages and seek their blessings. The names of these seven sages are Kasyapa, Atri, Bharadwaja, Vishwamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni and Vashishtha. This year, the fast of Rishi Panchami will be observed on Thursday, September 01.

Sama Pancham Vrat Katha

In Satyuga there was a king named Shinjit in the city of Vidarbha. He was like a lion. In his reign there was a farmer Sumitra. His wife Jayashree was very pious.

Once during the rainy season when his wife was engaged in farming, she became menstruating. She found out that she was menstruating, but continued to do household chores. After some time both men and women died after enjoying their respective ages. Jayashree then became a bitch and Sumitra got the vulva of a bull due to contact with a menstruating woman, as both had no crime except Ritu Dosha.

That is why both of them remembered all the details of their previous births. As both a dog and a bull, he lived in the same city with his son Suchitra. Dharmatma Suchitra used to extend complete hospitality to her guests. On the day of his father’s Shraddha, he prepared various kinds of food for the Brahmins in his house.

When his wife went out of the kitchen for some work, a snake threw poison into the pot of pudding in the kitchen. Suchitra’s mother in the form of a dog was watching everything from a distance. On the arrival of the son’s daughter-in-law, she put her mouth in the pot to save the son from the sin of killing Brahma. Suchitra’s wife Chandravati did not see this act of the dog and she killed the dog by cutting burning wood out of the stove.

The poor dog started running here and there after being beaten. Suchitra’s daughter-in-law used to put all the remaining falsehoods in the square, but out of anger she threw them out too. After throwing away the food items, cleaning the utensils, re-preparing the food and feeding the Brahmins.

At night, the dog, tormented by hunger, came to her ex-husband, who lived in the form of a bull, and said, O Lord! Today I am starving. Although my son used to give me food everyday, today I got nothing. By touching a pot of pudding containing snake venom, fearing to kill many Brahmins, he made them sick. That’s why her daughter-in-law beat me and gave me nothing to eat.

Then the bull said, Oh dear! Because of your sins, I have also come into this womb and today I have broken my back while carrying the burden. Today I am also plowing the field all day. My son did not even give me food today and beat me a lot. By torturing me in this way, he made this Shraddha futile.

Suchitra was hearing these words of her parents, she fed them both at the same time and then moved towards the forest, saddened by their sorrow. Going to the forest, he asked the Sashi that due to what karmas my parents had acquired these low beings and how they could get rid of them now. Then Sarvatama said, for their salvation, observe the Vrat of Rishi Panchami with your wife and give its fruits to your parents.

On the Shukla Panchami of Bhadrapada month, after purifying the mo pura, bathing in the holy water of the river in the afternoon and wearing new silk clothes and worshiping the Saptarshis including Arundhati. Hearing this, Suchitra returned to her home and along with her wife observed the puja fast according to law. Because of his virtue, both parents were liberated from the animal kingdom. So a woman who reverently observes the Vrata of Ishi Panchami, after enjoying all the worldly pleasures, goes to Vaikuntha.

 Sama Pancham Ni Varta – Puja Vidhi
1.    Fasting people should wake up early in the morning before sunrise and take bath.
2.    After this, clean clothes should be worn.
3.    Then clean the house puja planet thoroughly.
4.    After this make square circles with turmeric. Then establish the seven sages on it and fast the Vrata.
5.    After this, worship the seven sages with a true heart.
6.    Set up an earthen vessel at the place of worship.
7.    Light a lamp in front of Saptarshi, burn incense and listen to the story of the Vrat by offering fragrances, flowers, offerings etc.

After that offer the arghya with the following mantra-
કશ્યપોત્રિર્ભરદ્વાજો વિશ્વામિત્રોથ ગૌતમ.
જમદગ્નિર્વિષ્ટાશ્ચ સપ્તતે hayષયah સ્મૃતા॥
દહન્તુ પાપ મે સર્વમ્ ગ્રહન્નતવર્ગીય નમો નમ॥॥

  • After hearing the vrata katha, perform aarti and offer sweet dish to Saptarshi.
  • In this vrat, food is eaten only once during the night.
  • Keep in mind that fasting people should eat only vegetarian food born on earth on this day.
Sama Pancham Vrat Katha Gujarati PDF

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