Reiteration of Board’s certain instructions to Zonal Railways

Reiteration of Board’s certain instructions



New Delhi, dated 27.07.2022

The General Managers (P)
All Indian Railways & Production Units

Sub: Reiteration of Board’s certain instructions to Zonal Railways – Regarding

During the Informal Meeting of AISC/STREA with Railway Board held on 09.06.2022. the National President, All India SC/ST Railway Employees Association (AISC/STREA) has stated that Board’s instructions on various subjects as indicated below in juxtaposition, are not being followed on some of the Zonal/Divisional Railways in their right spirit:-

S No. Issue raised Attention are invited to Board’s following letters Board’s instructions
1. Office bearers of Associations are transferred to another station even if there is vacancy under the same Station. Board’s letter No. 97-E(SCT)I-22-12 dated 05.03.1999. Transfer of elected office bearers of SC/ST & OBC Railway Employees Associations in the same grade may not generally be resorted to in ordinary situations. Whenever such transfers are inevitable, Liaison officer may be apprised of the circumstances under which such transfers are ordered. These instructions were reiterated vide Board’s letter No.2018-E(SCT)I-22-2 dated 14.06.2018.
2 Informal meetings are not being conducted on some of the Zones despite submitting agenda. Board’s letter No. 88-E(SCT)I-80-2 dated 12.07.1996. Informal meetings with representatives of All India SC/ST Railway Employees Association should be held at least twice a year. These instructions had been reiterated vide Board’s letter No.2018- E(SCT)I-22-2 dated 05.11.2018.
. Circulation of list of elected office bearer, he of Zonal/ Divisional Executive Committee Board’s letter No.2010-E(SCT)I- 22-8 dated 19.08.2011 The circulation of the list of office bearers of Divisional / Extra Divisional Committee of All India SC/ST Railway Employees Association should be approved and directly forwarded by the Zonal Executive Committee under the joint signature of the Zonal President and Zonal Secretary and not by the Central Executive Committee.

It is therefore reiterated that these instructions may be brought to the notice of all concerned for strict compliance.

(James Kujur)
Dy.Director, Estt,(SCT)I
Railway Board


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