RBE No. 102/2022 – Posting of Junior Engineer in Gati Shakti Units

Posting of Junior Engineer in Gati Shakti Units

RBE No. 102/2022

(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD)

No. E(NG)I/2022/TR/32

New Delhi, dated 24.08.2022

The General Manager (P)
All Zonal Railways
(As per Standard Mailing list)

Sub: Posting of Junior Engineer in Gati Shakti Units.

As the Railway administrative units are aware, new Gati Shatki Units have been created in all the Divisions of Indian Railways. Keeping in view the infrastructure development targets, Board desires that necessary manpower support be extended to the Gati Shakti Units. Priority should be accorded for posting of at least 10/12 Supervisors in each Gati Shakti Unit in Divisions and in CAO Construction Units.

Zonal Railways are directed to provide necessary support for the above by way of posting of necessary SSEs/JEs Supervisors, including the newly inducted Junior Engineers on completion of their training.

(Sanjay Kumar)
Dy. Director/Estt.(N)
Railway Board
Ph. No.43658/011 -23303658
E-mail Id- sanjay.kumar6@gov.in

Source: indianrailways.gov.in

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