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Onam festival Overview

Friends, the festival of Onam will be celebrated from September 8 this year. Different types of festivals are celebrated in our country. One of those festivals is Onam festival which is celebrated with great pomp in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In the southern regions of India, there is a festive atmosphere for the 10 days of Onam. To celebrate this festival, people of Kerala and Tamil Nadu start preparations long in advance.

Onam Celebration:

  1. The main celebration of the Onam festival resides in the Thrikara temple in Kochi. A special event is held in this temple on the festival of Onam, to see which people from abroad reach there. A grand event is held in this temple for ten days, dancing, singing, worship, aarti, fair, shopping are the specialties here. Various competitions are also held at this place, in which people actively participate.
  2. In the ten-day festival of Onam, the first day is Antha, from which the preparations for Onam start all around. House cleaning starts for Onam, markets are mainly decorated. There is a festive atmosphere all around.
  3. The Pookalam flower carpet is specially prepared during Onam. It is prepared from different types of flowers. It is prepared from Antha to Thiruvonam day. Pookalam making competitions are also held during Onam.
  4. A special cell is set up for the farmers in the market, along with this, the market for clothes, jewelry is also set up.
  5. The boat race, which is called Vallamkali, is prepared in full swing. This race is organized after Onam. This boat race is organized only in this part of India, which is famous all over the world.
  6. There is also a holiday during the Onam festival, due to which people go to their hometowns to celebrate this festival with their people.
  7. On the eighth day, which is called Pooradam, the idols of Mahabali and Vamana are cleaned, decorated well and placed in the house and temple.
  8. On the last tenth Thiruvonam day, outside the house is decorated with rice batter, people get ready after taking a bath. The house is well decorated with lights.
  9. Buying and wearing new clothes has special significance in Onam festival. It is called Onakkodi.
  10. As Mahabali was a philanthropist, so charity has a special significance in this festival. People donate different types of things to the poor and charities.
  11. The dishes prepared on the last day of Onam are called Onam Sadya. In this, 26 types of dishes are prepared, which are served on banana leaves.
  12. During Onam, the folk dance of Kerala can also be seen there, its event is also prominent there. Special events are held in Thiruvatirakali, Kummattikali, Kathakakali, Pulikali etc.
  13. Although the festival of Onam ends on the tenth day, but some people celebrate it for two more days. Which is called third and fourth onam. During this, the idols of Vamana and Mahabali are immersed in the holy river. Pookalam is also removed and cleaned on this day.
Onam festival Hindi PDF

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