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Language Across the Curriculum B.ed Notes Overview

The major goals of LAC are very clear. First and foremost, it aims to support language development in each and every child. This should happen through all domains of language use as well as in each learning activity in the school. It also aims at giving the children
feedback about their progress (through appropriate assessment and evaluation).

Hence, there are different modes of human activities, which involve the use of language. All these modes of activity need to be mastered by the students, and specifically, eight modes of human activities involving language, have been distinguished. They are:

  1. Listening: Comprehending oral input/intake
  2. Speaking: Constructing meaningful utterances
  3. Reading: Understanding written texts
  4. Writing: Producing written texts/coherent discourse
  5. Viewing: Attending to visual signs/information
  6. Shaping: Using visual means of expression
  7. Watching: Attending to physical movements
  8. Moving: Using the whole body, the whole person for self-expression.
    All these modes are to be taught and their use needs to be developed in the LAC

key points of the idea of ‘Language across the Curriculum’:

  1. LAC is an approach to learning that focuses on improving language proficiency in all subjects in order to enhance students’ learning and learning outcomes.
  2. Language education does not only take place in specific subjects explicitly defined and reserved for it, such as mother tongue education, foreign language education, second language education, etc. Language learning and education also takes place in each and every subject in the school, in each and every academic/mental activity, across the whole curriculum – whether we are conscious of it or not.
  3. LAC emphasises that language development is the responsibility of all teachers across the school and in all subject areas. 
  4. Each subject area has both similar language aspects and patterns as in other subject areas plus its own specific language usage and style.
  5. Each subject area also has its own specialised vocabulary and different writing genres, e.g., Science report writing is different to History report writing.

Language Across the Curriculum B.ed Notes PDF in English

Language Across the Curriculum B.ed Notes PDF in English Download Link

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