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Jivitputrika Vrat Puja Vidhi Overview

Jivitputrika Vrat is celebrated on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. This fast is also called Jitiya, Jivitputrika or Jimutavahana Vrat. This fast lasts for three days. On this occasion, mothers keep Jivitputrika fast for the attainment of children and their long life.

According to the Hindu calendar, every year on the Ashtami date of Ashwin month, the first day of Jitiya Vrat i.e. bathing takes place. Nirjala fast is observed on the next day.

Jivitputrika Vrat (Jitiya) Puja Vidhi:

  1. Wake up early in the morning and after taking bath, bathe the idol of Surya Narayan.
  2. Make idols of eagle and syarin from clay and cow dung.
  3. After this, do aarti with incense, lamp etc. and offer bhog.
  4. Offer incense-lamp, rice, flowers etc. to the idol of Jimutvahan made of Kusha.
  5. After breaking this fast, women wear red colored thread of Jitiya around their neck.The fasting women also wear the locket of Jitiya.
  6. Worship according to the law and must listen to the story of the fast.
  7. Mustard oil and Khal is offered during the puja.
  8. Make donations after breaking the fast.

जितिया व्रत की आरती:

ओम जय कश्यप नन्दन, प्रभु जय अदिति नन्दन।

त्रिभुवन तिमिर निकंदन, भक्त हृदय चन्दन॥

ओम जय कश्यप…

सप्त अश्वरथ राजित, एक चक्रधारी।

दु:खहारी, सुखकारी, मानस मलहारी॥

ओम जय कश्यप…

सुर मुनि भूसुर वन्दित, विमल विभवशाली।

अघ-दल-दलन दिवाकर, दिव्य किरण माली॥

ओम जय कश्यप…

सकल सुकर्म प्रसविता, सविता शुभकारी।

विश्व विलोचन मोचन, भव-बंधन भारी॥

ओम जय कश्यप…

कमल समूह विकासक, नाशक त्रय तापा।

सेवत सहज हरत अति, मनसिज संतापा॥

ओम जय कश्यप…

नेत्र व्याधि हर सुरवर, भू-पीड़ा हारी।

वृष्टि विमोचन संतत, परहित व्रतधारी॥

ओम जय कश्यप…

Jivitputrika Vrat Puja Vidhi Hindi PDF

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