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Indian Pharmacopoeia Overview

The Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) is published in fulfill of the requirements of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules thereunder. It prescribes the standards for drugs produced and/or marketed in India and thus contributes in the control and assurance of the quality of the medicines.


To promote the highest standards of drugs for use in humans and animals within practical limits of the technologies available for manufacturing and analysis.

Mission To promote public health and animal health in India by bringing out authoritative and officially accepted standards for quality of drugs including active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and dosage forms, used by health professionals, patients, and consumers.

Indian Pharmacopoeia PDF

Volume 1      

Notices; Preface; About Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission; Acknowledgements;

Introduction; General Notices; General Chapters Reference Data and Index.

Volume 2      

General Notices; Dosage Forms (General Monographs); Drug Substances, Dosage Forms and Pharmaceutical Aids (A to M).

Volume 3

General Notices; Drug Substances, Dosage Forms and Pharmaceutical Aids (N to Z); Vaccines and Immunosera for Human Use; Herbs and Herbal Products; Blood and Blood-related Products; Biotechnology Derived Therapeutic Products, Allergen Products and Radiopharmaceutical Preparations.

Volume 4      

General Notices; Notices; Veterinary Products and Index.

Indian Pharmacopoeia 2022 PDF

Indian Pharmacopoeia 2022 PDF Download Link

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