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Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day Speech Overview

To avoid being annexed by India, the Nizam refused to abide by the Indian uprising. The Nizam was sharply divided on what action to take following India’s ‘police action’ against his regime–the end result of which was Hyderabad Province and its citizens becoming independent on 17 September 1948. Karnataka and Hyderabad have a deep connection and this day is celebrated to commemorate the Karnataka-Hyderabad liberation.

The unification of Karnataka into the Indian Union on 17 September 1948 was a major event in Hyderabad’s history.The movement started with a new era in Indian history.The people of Gulbarga District struggled hard for their independence. We find in history people who are in power climb to it by hook and crook and have committed many blunders. There was not freedom of speech, or freedom of association, or freedom of the press. The people lacked their rights.The rise of national movements and the developmental political spirit started with the nationalist Arya Samaj movement and Hyderabad Karnataka State Congress; educational institutions also played a vital role in awakening people for freedom struggle.

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Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day is also known as Kalyan-Karnataka Liberation Day. It is an annual festival celebrated in Karnataka Raja’s Bodar, Kalaburagi, Yadgiri, Raichur, Balla Ri and Koppa districts. It takes place on September 17. This festival celebrates the acquisition of Hyderabad by India in 1948 after the partition of India and the revolts of the Hyderabad Raj.

September 17, 1948 is a great day in history. It is celebrated as Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day. On August 15, 1947, when the Karnataka war broke out with other parts of the country, this happened in some parts of Hyderabad Nizam’s Alva Kelle Dada Raja.

Hyderabad Liberation Day: Telangana Government has liberated most parts of Karnataka Rajda Bodar, Gulbarga and Raichur Northeast districts in Hyderabad. They did not believe that the small number of people in these countries were neglected, and they expressed their displeasure at the pressure of the Nizam and Rajakar.

He refused to join India until the Nizaman’s rule was forcibly removed. After ‘Pollosta Kara Mada’ against Nizam, Hyderabad province and its citizens were killed on September 17, 1948. Karnataka Government celebrates this day as Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day.

17th September 1948 AD is an important day in Hyderabad Karnataka Raja’s history when he was exiled to India. The movement is not a historical past, it started a new era in Indian history. The people of Gulabga district came out with their own tactics.

It will be recorded in the history that those who are in Adharkara have done many miracles due to the fact that they have climbed up from the curve. Speech Self Tantra, Sangha Self Tantra, Patirka Self Tantra are all there. Jnaruvanchatragidada denied their basic rights.

With the rise in the development of the Rajkhoya and the rise in the development of the Rajkhoja movement, the Rajkanger University of Hyderabad and other education councils played a leading role in awakening the people to self-planning.

The history of India is scattered and it is difficult to formulate and describe one important fact. Moreover, under Nizam’s autocratic letter, Hyderabad emerges from this strange paradox of Karnataka’s history. Men are subject to the provisions of Elye Reoti.

Urban self-strategies have been completely rejected, rhetorical self-strategy or associational self-strategy or patirka self-tantra has led an independent life with several principles in the economic, religious, educational, religious and other social spheres.

Naturally, the resentment that grows in the minds of people who want to express themselves for their sanctity.

The people of Gulab Gad protested against the Nizam’s tyranny. The Nizam and his associates tried their best to rule the Raja, ignoring the wishes of the people, and on August 15, 1947, the Swa Tantra Siksha in Bharat was completely resolved. Under the Indian Self-Strength Act of 1947, it was made self-sufficient.

SV Patel deposed most of the kings of India to make them a sovereign republic of India, but the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Maharaj of Jjarnagarh did not want to stay in Nizam Alva as a political strategy. The Nizams tried to do this in India or in Pakshaswat as an Islamic king. The people of this country finally resisted him and achieved their goal.

Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day Speech Kannada PDF

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