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Global Warming Overview

These unpredictable changes in the environment are known as global warming. Global warming has become a global problem today.

Due to global warming, not only the wildlife is becoming unbalanced but also the seasonal cycle is changing. However, the root cause of the problem of global warming is man himself. A continuous decline in food production has been observed due to global warming. So we have to solve the problem of global warming for a healthy life.

Global warming solutions:

As stated earlier, this can be challenging but it is not completely impossible. Global warming can be stopped when joint efforts are made.

For this, both individuals and governments have to take steps towards achieving it. We should start with greenhouse gas reduction. Also, they need to keep an eye on their gasoline consumption.

Switch to a hybrid car and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Also, citizens can opt for public transport or carpool together. Next, recycling should also be encouraged.

What is greenhouse effect?

  1. For example, when you go shopping, take your clothes bag with you.
  2. Another step you can take is to limit the use of electricity which will prevent the release of carbon dioxide.
  3. On the government’s part, they should control industrial wastes and prevent them from releasing harmful gases into the air.
  4. Deforestation should be stopped immediately and plantation of trees should be encouraged.
  5. In short, we should all realize the fact that our earth is not well.
  6. It needs to be treated and we can help fix it.
  7. The present generation should take the responsibility to stop the global warming to prevent the suffering of the future generations.
  8. Therefore, every small step, no matter how small, carries a lot of weight and is very important in preventing global warming.

The earth is warming up day to day:

Greenhouse gases work by lifting up polluting particles like aerosols which reflect the light coming from the sun and send them back to reduce the heat so that the temperature of the earth does not increase. But due to awareness of climate change, air pollution is decreasing and the result is that the earth is getting warmer.

The effect of cleaning the air:
This is how the new study sheds light on this. According to the report of, during the study, researchers have found that the impact of global air pollution on the climate has decreased by 30 percent from the levels of the year 2000. This result has been taken on the basis of many satellite studies

Global warming has increased

Johannes Quas, the lead author of the study and a climate scientist at the University of Leipzig, says that clean air has actually increased the warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions by 15 to 50 percent over the same period. Quas says that as the air pollution will decrease and it will increase more i.e. warming will increase.

Jain Cermak, remote sensing expert of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, said that increasing pollution is not a solution either. There is no doubt that air pollution is killing people and we need clean air. Rather, they believe that it is very important to speed up the efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

It is difficult to reduce emissions

But researchers believe that there is little chance that emissions will be reduced so fast that the goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius given by scientists will be achieved. At the same time, the earth has already touched the figure of 1.2 degrees Celsius. The answer to this question is that we should go back to aerosols.

Global Warming Hindi PDF

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