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Ganesh Visarjan Vidhi Overview

All fasts and festivals have special significance in Hinduism. One of them is Anant Chaturdashi Vrat. This year Anant Chaturdashi is being celebrated on Friday 9 September 2022. It is believed that observing this fast and tying the infinite thread provides relief from financial, physical and mental troubles. Here will get all information related to Anant Chaturdashi Pooja Method, Fasting Method, Pooja Literature, Stories, Mantras, Aarti etc.

In this vrata, after bath, fourteen knots made of akshat, durva, pure silk or cotton thread are placed in front of Anant and dyed with turmeric, Havan is performed. Today the auspicious time to worship Lord Ananta is from 06:03 AM to 06:07 AM.

Ganesh Visarjan Vidhi:

  1. Before immersing the idol of Lord Ganesha, the women of the house make a swastika by pouring Ganges water on a wooden board.
  2. Now place the Akshat on the track and spread a pink, yellow or red cloth over it.
  3. After putting the cloth, the idol of Bappa should be kept at that place.
  4. After enshrining Bappa, offer flowers, fruits and modak to him.
  5. Before bidding farewell to Ganapati, the idol should be worshiped properly.
  6. Dress Bappa in new clothes.
  7. Then tie the modak, paisa, durva grass and betel nut in a silk cloth and keep it near Bappa’s idol.
  8. Now all the members of the house should chant Bappa Moriya Re, Bappa Moriya Re while doing Aarti to Bappa.
  9. Later, everyone joined hands and apologized to Bappa before the image. Say in front of God, if we have done anything wrong in this worship, forgive him.
  10. Now take Bappa’s idol for immersion. During immersion, care should be taken that other items coming out of Bappa’s idol do not fall here and there. Let him too flow with respect.
Ganesh Visarjan Vidhi Marathi PDF

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