Deputy Solicitor General of India by Department of Legal Affairs

Re-designation of Assistant Solicitor General of India as DSGI

F. No. J-11014/2/2022-Judicial
Government of India
Ministry of Law and Justice
Department of Legal Affairs
(Judicial Section)

Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi,
Dated the 13th September, 2022.


Sub: Re-designation of Assistant Solicitor General of India as “Deputy Solicitor General of India” – regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM No. 26(1)/2002-Judi. dated 07.02.2005 re-designating, inter-alia, the Senior Central Government Standing Counsel of High Courts as ‘Assistant Solicitor General of India’ and to convey that the competent authority has decided to re-designate henceforth ‘Assistant Solicitor General of India’ as “Deputy Solicitor General of India”, to remove confusion and doubt between Additional Solicitor General of India and Assistant Solicitor General of India, as both of them use same abbreviation ‘ASG’. They will continue to be governed by the existing terms & conditions as per this Department’s OM No. 26(1)/99-Judl. dated 24.09.1999.

2. The abbreviation for the new designation “Deputy Solicitor General of India” would be “DSGI” and this should strictly be adhered to.

3. The terms & conditions contained in this Department’s OMs No. 26(1)/99-Judl. dated 24.09.1999, 26(1)/2014-Judl. dated 01.10.2015, J-18/1/2016-Judl. dated 19.04.2016 & 06.09.2016, J-12017/1/2019-Judicial dated 21.10.2019 and all the Orders of this Department regarding engagement of Assistant Solicitor General of India in High Courts / Benches of High Courts, stand modified accordingly.

4. The above re-designation has the approval of the competent authority.

(Vijay Kumar Sharma)
Joint Secretary & Legal Adviser


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