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Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat Katha Overview

Purnima Tithi is considered very special in Vedic astrology. Each full moon date has its own special place like Bhadrapada purnima has some special. If you are working for a long time for the fulfillment of any particular work, then you must observe this fast on the full moon date. If you follow this fast with full devotion and devotion in your mind, then every work of yours will be accomplished. On this occasion, there is also a law of the story of Shri Satyanarayan Bhagwan ji.

 Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat Katha:

According to mythology, once in the Dwapar Yuga, Yashoda Maa asked Lord Krishna to tell him such a fast, due to which women in the world of death would not be afraid of becoming widows. Lord Shri Krishna told Yashoda Maa that women should observe 32 Poornima fasts. This fast is supposed to give immovable good fortune and increase the devotion of human beings towards Lord Shiva. Yoshada Maa asked Shri Krishna whether anyone had done this fast in the world of death.

On this God told that there was a city named Kartika, where a king named Chandrahas reigns. In the same city there was Rupvati, the wife of a Brahmin named Dhaneshwar. Both loved each other very much and lived in that city very lovingly. There was no shortage of anything in the house, but he often used to be sad due to not having children. One day a yogi came to that city, he used to take alms from all the houses of the city. But he did not take alms from Rupvati’s house.

One day, feeling sad, Dhaneshwar asks Yogi the reason for not taking alms. On this the yogi said that the begging of a childless house is like the food of the husband and the one who takes the food of the husband also becomes a husband. Therefore, for fear of becoming a husband, he does not take alms from his house. Hearing this, Dhaneshwar became sad and asked Yogi the way to get a son. On this Yogi advised to worship Maa Chandi. Dhaneshwar went to the forest to worship Goddess Chandi, Mother Chandi, pleased with the devotion of Dhaneshwar, appeared on the 16th day.

Maa Chandi said that you will have a son, but he will live only for 16 years. If those men and women observe 32 Purnima fasts, they will have a long life. Mother Chandi climbed a mango tree and plucked the fruit and asked her to feed it to her wife. Mother Chandi said that if your wife takes a bath and meditates on Lord Shankar and eats the fruit, then she will become pregnant by the grace of Lord Shiva. After doing this remedy, Dhaneshwar was blessed with a son and by observing 32 Purnima fasts, the son attained longevity.

Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat Katha Hindi PDF

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