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Vinayaka Chavithi Vratha Katha Overview

Vinayaka Chavithi festival is celebrated for the happiness of the birth of the Lord Ganesha. He is the son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Ganesha and Kartikeya were the two sons of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati. Ganesha was the elder and Kartikeya the younger.

The festival celebrates Ganesha as the God of New Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles as well as the god of wisdom and intelligence and is observed throughout India, especially in the states such as Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. Lord Ganesh is known by 108 different names like Gajanana, Vinayaka, Vighnaharta among others.

Vinayaka Chavithi Vratha Katha

Suta Mahama explained the cause of Vighneswarotpati and Chandradarshan Doshakaranam and its cure to the Shaunakadi Mununas.

Earlier Gajarupangala Rakshaseshwarundu did severe penance for Lord Shiva. Appreciating his penance, Parameswara appeared and asked for a boon. All praises to Lord Parameswara, Swami! May you always reside in my womb. Bhakta Sulabhundagu Na Paramesvarundu entered Gajasura’s belly by stroking his heart.

Kailasana searched for Parvati Devi’s husband in many places and found out that he was in Gajasura’s womb for some time and did not know the way to bring him back. You saved my husband from the clutches of Bhasmasura earlier and saved me, now save my wife with your help” she lamented.

Then Hari called the Brahma deities and decided that Gangireddu Mela was the right place to kill Gajasura in order to attract Paramesvara. He appointed Nandi as Gangireddu, and all the Brahma deities dressed him in a musical instrument.

Brahma Devatalu Vya Vishesh Mbula Boru Salupa Jagannataka Sutradhariyagu Hari played the Gangireddu pictorially, Gajasurundu was overjoyed and said, “Whatever you wish for.” Then Vishnumurthy approached him and said, “This is Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva. came to find Shiva. So Shivanosangu said.

Gajasura was shocked by those words, he perceived him as the demon Lord Srihari, and thinking that death was certain for him, he prayed to his womb Paramesvara, “Bear my head as triloka pooja, and wear my skin”. Vishnumurthy agreed and incited Nandi to kill Gajasura by cleaving him with his horns. Then Shiva appeared from Gajasuragarbha and praised Lord Vishnu. That’s why I said, “Hari should not take away the wicked…

He said goodbye to the gods of Brahma and went to Vaikuntha. Pidapa Shiva took Nandi’s neck and rushed to Kailasa.

In Kailasam, Goddess Parvati was happy to hear the arrival of her husband from the Gods and made an idol out of four flour that she had kept for the welcome bath of Lord Parameshwar, and it was in the form of a lovely boy. Wanting to pay homage to that form, he paid homage to that idol with the fruit of the mantra that he had received from his father earlier. Before speaking to the divine boy, she told him not to let anyone in.

After bathing, Parvati dressed up and waited for Pati’s arrival. Then Lord Parameshwar came down the river Nandi and went inside. Meanwhile, the boy at the front door interrupted. Angry at the boy’s contempt, Lord Shiva, in the form of Raudra, struck the boy’s throat with his trident saying that he had insulted himself in his temple and went inside.

When Parvati saw her husband, she went ahead and was worshiped by the Arghyapadyas. While they were talking happily, a boy was mentioned near the door. Then that Maheshwaru felt sorry for what he had done, attached Gajasura’s head to the boy and gave him life and named him “Gajananudu”.

The Umamaheswaras raised him with the love of a son. Gajana serves his parents with devotion. He used Anindyuda and a rat king as a vehicle to ride around easily.

After some time, Kumaraswamy was born to Parvati Parameswari. He is mighty. His vehicle is the peacock. He was famous as the commander of the gods.

One day the devas and the Munus prayed to the Supreme Lord and asked him to appoint someone as the head so that no matter what they do, there will be no problems. Gajanan requested that the dominion be given to him as he was the elder. Kumaraswamy also begged his father to give him the power as Gajanan was a dwarf and incompetent.

To solve the problem, Lord Shiva looked at the two sons and said, “Whoever of you comes to me first after taking a bath in the sacred waters of the mountains, I will give them this dominion.” Immediately after hearing those words, Kumaraswamy mounted the peacock vehicle and went fast. Gajanan was saddened, approached his father and prostrated himself saying, “Ayya! Even if you know my incompetence, this test is worth it! Look at me and protect your foot servant, he prayed.

Then Maheshwar kindly said, “Kumara! He instructed that Narayana Mantra to recite Narayana Mantra once.

‘‘సకృత్‌ నారాయణేత్యుక్త్యాపుమాన్‌ కల్పశతత్రయం గంగాది సర్వతీర్థేషు స్నాతో భవతి పుత్రక’’ (“Sakrit Narayanetyuktyapumaan Kalpasatatrayam Gangadi Sarvatirtheshu Snato Bhavati Putraka”)

Gajanana was so happy, chanting that mantra with great devotion, circumambulating his parents three times and staying in Kailasana. Under the influence of that mantra, Kumaraswamy, who had gone to bathe in the Ganges before that, saw his elder brother Gajanana bathing in the river as if he was coming to him.

Thus he was surprised to see the same in three crores and fifty lakhs of rivers, went to Kailasa and saw Gajana near his father, bowed down, blamed his strength and said “Father! I said that not knowing the glory of my brother. sorry He prayed, “Give this power to my brother.”

On Bhadrapadashuddha Chaturthinadu by Anta Paramesvara, Gajana was glorified as Vigneshvara by accepting the Vighnadhipatya. On that day, people from all over the world worshiped Vignesvara by offering a variety of dumplings, Appalu Munnagu Pindivanta, Tenkayas, milk, honey, banana fruits, drink, vadappu etc., Vignesvara happily ate the dumplings etc., gave some to his vehicle, the mouse, and wore some on his hands.

He went to Kailasa at sunset with bhuktayasa and bowed to his parents. No matter how hard you try, your stomach is touching the ground and your hands are not reaching the ground. As he was struggling to do the prostration in this way, he saw the moon adorning Shiva’s head and smiled mischievously.

Vighnadev’s stomach burst and all the dumplings etc. rolled out, as if the saying that a woman who was infected with such ‘Rajadrishti’ was sick, became true. He died. Parvati mournfully looked at the moon,

“Sinner! She cursed, “Because my son died because of your sight, those who see you will be sinners and be punished like you.” The curse of the moon is the curse of the world.

At that time Saptamaharshis were doing Yagna and going around fire with their wives. Agnidev was enamored by the sage’s wives, but was afraid that the sages would curse him. Realizing this, Agnidev’s wife Swahadevi dressed herself in all the forms of sages except Arundhati’s form and worshiped Pati.

Seeing this, the sages left their wives, suspecting that those who were with Agni were their wives. It is said that after the curse of Parvati, the sages got such a blue color because they saw the moon.

Pidapa, who pleaded with the sages about their plight, answered the seven sages by informing them that the wife of Agnihotra (Swahadevi) could appear in the form of sages through his omniscience. Brahma also went to Kailasa with them and raised Vighneswara who had died after serving Umamaheswara and about Mudamba.

So many gods said, “Oh Goddess Parvati! Due to your curse, the world is being harmed. When he prayed for its withdrawal, Devi Parvati agreed and said, “On the day when the moon smiles at Vigneshwara, on that day the moon should not be seen”. The Brahmins were happy and went to their homes, but on Bhadrapadashuddha Chaturthi they were careful not to see the moon and were comfortable.

Satrajittu, Prasena’s brother Lundiri in the Yaduvamsa. They are the sons of Nighni. Suryabhaga Vanu was the friend of Satrajittuna. One day Satrajittu praised Lord Surya. Then the Sun Lord appeared to him, pleased with the praise of Satrajitai Manaskudai.

Then Satrajittu bowed down to the sun and praised it. The pleased Surya asked for a boon. Then Satrajittu asked for “Shyamantakamani” from Surya.

Hearing this, Lord Surya took Shamanthakamani from his throat and gave it to Satrajit Tuna. At that time, if Surya wears that divyamani with Satrajittu, every day the mani will bless eight weights of gold. In the land where there is mani, there will be no drought, no suffering, no harm due to fire, wind, poisons, poverty, etc. But if Ashuchi is worn, it will kill the wearer,” he said.

Knowing these things, the citizens who saw Satrajittu grasping the mani from the sun, wearing it and walking in the city streets were deluded by its light and thought that Lord Surya himself was coming for Sri Krishnadarshan and informed Sri Krishna about it. Lord Krishna wanted to give that mani to Lord Ugrasena saying that if this gem is with the Lord, it will be useful for national development and public welfare.

Knowing that, Satrajittu gave that goddess to his younger brother Prasena. Prasena wore that pearl and went to the forest to hunt. For some time Prasena became unclean due to body search. For this reason Prasena died in a lion attack. Bhalluka killed the lion Jambavant and took Mani and gave it to her son who was in the cradle in the cave as a toy. The boy’s name is Sukumaru

When Prasena went hunting in the forest, Lord Krishna also went hunting. On that day Bhadrapada Shukla Chaviti. Prasena was killed during Pradoshavela. Lord Krishna was looking for him in the forest and when he looked up he saw the image of the moon in the sky. Lord Krishna is the cause of darkness

He returned to his shrine. Before that, Satrajittu and the citizens thought that Lord Krishna wanted the mani for the benefit of the country, and that he killed Prasena and abducted the mani. With the determination to remove that slander, Lord Krishna searched the forest the next day and found bones, torn clothes and broken ornaments.

Only Shyamantakamani was found. But Satrajittu’s close friends, who came with Krishna, said that Krishna had killed Prasena the previous day, kidnapped Shyamantakamani, and that the lion had eaten Prasena and his horse at night. Sri Krishna tried harder to get rid of this slander.

After going some distance, the carcass of a lion was found there. Bhalluka’s footprints were found from there. He followed him and entered a cave.

A young woman was rocking a boy in a cradle. Shyamantakamani was tied as a toy on the swing. She who is swinging the cradle is Jambavati. She saw Krishna and fell in love with his beauty, thinking that perhaps he had come to Syamantakamani, fearing that if she spoke loudly, her father Jambavantu would come and cause danger to Lord Krishna, so she said that the way that Syamantakamani had come, just like the song she was singing.

It was Krishna who gave eternal life to Jambavan during Rama’s incarnation. At that time, Jambavan had a desire to accept Rama’s embrace. But Krishna fought a war with Jambavan for twenty one (21) days to fulfill that desire. Jambavan’s strength gradually declined. Then he realized that it was Sri Ramachandra who killed Ravanasura in the Treta Yuga and not someone else who was fighting him. He immediately joined his hands and said, “God! Ardajanaraksha! I recognized you as Sri Ramachandra, the leader of devotees in the Treta Yuga.

In that birth you lusted after me and I foolishly wanted to duel with you. You fulfill my wish first. Since then I have been praying for you for many ages. You came to my house and fulfilled my wish. Blessed Lord! Forgive my misdeeds and save me,” he requested in many ways.

Lord Krishna kindly covered Jambavanta’s body with his hand and said, “Jambavanta! I was accused of abducting Shyamantakamani. I have come to shape it. He said, “I will come if you give me that pearl.” Jambavantu happily gave his daughter Jambavati to Lord Krishna along with Shyamantakamani.
After telling this truth to the citizens of Dalakanagara, Lord Krishna sent Shyamantakamani to the throne.

Then Satrajittu realized his mistake. Praying for Lord Krishna’s forgiveness, he offered his virgin (daughter) Satyabhama and Mani Ratnam Shyamantakamani to Lord Krishna, Gopalatnam.

Lord Krishna realized Satyabhama, the incarnation of Goddess Bhu, and gave it back to Shyamantakamani Satrajittu.
In the meantime, word came that the Pandavas, Kunti Devi and Lakka died and their legs were injured. Even though Sri Krishna knew they were alive, he was the head of the family.

To persuade Dhritarashtra, considering it a worldly courtesy, he went to Hastinapuram. Among the Yadavas, Shatadhanu, Kritavarma, and Akruruda were three famous Lundedi. Before marrying Satyabhama to Lord Krishna, these three asked Satrajittu to marry her to them.
Satrajittu promised one of them that Satyabhama would never die. But due to unexpected consequences, he gave Satyabhama to Lord Krishna and got married.

Because of this, these three, who had formed a faction, united when Krishna was away, and inspired Satadhanu to kill Satrajittu and abduct Shyamantakamani, he did the same and left the pearl with Akruru and fled. Knowing this, Sri Krishna came from Hastinapuram, consoled Satyabhama and left in a chariot with Balaram to kill Satadhanu. The centurion, who was fleeing on his horse, when it fell down tired, left it and ran away.

Then Krishna said that he was in Balarama’s chariot, he got down and chased Satadhanu, killed him in a duel with Patti and searched all over the world, but when he could not find the pearl, Krishna returned and told Balarama the matter. Yundani, left for a foreign kingdom.

Prasena died wearing an outer garment or mani. Satrajittu died of impurity or (doubting Lord Krishna). Although he was a great devotee, Akrura, who temporarily felt animosity towards God, reached the town of Kashi on a pilgrimage for peace of mind. When he went there, he got peace of mind and used the gold that he got every day from Shyamantakamani for his divine work. Because Akruru has received the external ablution, there is no rain or drought, or it is peaceful.

Here Sri Krishna was blamed by Balarama and returned alone to the city of Dwarka. Jambavati and Satyabhama suspected that Lord Krishna had done some trick regarding this pearl so that their fathers would not get fame. While Lord Krishna was sadly thinking about the reason for these accusations, Narada appeared and said that the reason for these accusations was seeing the moon when Bhadrapada Shukla went hunting in the forest on the night of his death.He said this about those features.

Mahaganapati, whose name is Shashivarna, wandered through all the worlds and one day reached Chandraloka. On the outside, Ganesha is a dwarf, a lamb, but at heart he is a very compassionate figure.
But the Moon, though beautiful above, is described by poets as having faults in conduct.

Atti Chandra smiled mischievously at Ganesha. Then to reduce the pride of the moon, Lord Ganesha cursed that anyone who sees the moon will not be blamed. Because of that, many people have seen the moon. Frustrated with that, the moon went into the milky ocean where he was born.

Medicines for lack of moonlight stopped working. People lacked pleasure. Moved by this, they went to the gods, sages and Brahmagari and prayed for a cure. Atta Brahma Bhadrapada Shukla Chavitinadu Naktavrata monarimpavalenani (day fast) advised Vigneshvara to be worshiped and offered modakams, (nuts), fruits, dumplings, especially cucumber nivedana.

Then Chandra also took that vow and got the grace of Lord Ganesha. Then Lord Ganesha cursed that he would not face any blame if he saw the moon on the rest of the days except the night of Bhadrapada Shukla, the day of his incarnation.

Lord Krishna, who himself experienced the extremes caused by seeing the moon image of Bhadrapada Shukla Chavitina, performed Vinayaka Vrata on the advice of Narada to remove the blame he had. Immediately Vinayaka appeared and spoke auspicious words to Sri Krishna that the accusations against him would be removed. Then Shri Krishna asked him to bless the whole world because he has worked so hard with efficiency and how is it possible for a common man.

On the morning of Bhadrapada Shukla’s death, Lord Ganesha blessed him and blessed him who read and listened to Shyamantakopakhyana and saw the moon without any reproach.
In this story, all the gods, sages and people worshiped Vinayaka’s Yathashakti and fulfilled their wishes and were happy with Suta Mahama’s words.

It is clear from the story of Srikrishna Paramatma in Shyamanthakopa Khyanam that there is no difference in this. Therefore, this Shyamanthokapakhyana means Hitabodha, and he gave a boon to the people that if they wear Akshatas on their head with devotion and humility, they will not be afraid of reproach after seeing Chaviti Chandra. Since then it is traditional to read and listen to Shyamanthokapakhyana story.

Thinking that the arrival of the great devotee Akruru was necessary to cure the famine in the city of Dwarka, Lord Krishna sent a message to Akruru. As the pious Akruru came to the city of Dwarka, everyone knew the story of Shyamantakamani and the accusations against Lord Krishna were removed. Shyamantakamani Shubha Parampara Lichtuchoonu at Akruru inside, outside, toilet.
“Mangalam Mahat”

Some of the Akshats in your hands are placed on Vigneswara’s feet and some on your head. Put it on your child’s head and bless it.

Vinayaka Chavithi Vratha Katha Telugu PDF

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