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Sri Ramacharitamanasa Sundar Kand Overview

Sundarkand is the most popular book in Hindu Dharma and it was written by Maharishi Valmiki. This is a very popular stotra that gives you power and strength.

The work depicts the adventures of Hanuman and his selflessness, strength, and devotion to Rama are emphasized in the text. Hanuman was fondly called “Sundara” by his mother Anjani and Sage Valmiki chose this name over others as the Sundara Kanda is about Hanuman’s journey to Lanka.

Reciting Sunderkand can help ward off evils. It removes all the negativity and obstacles from one’s life and bestows the person with happiness and prosperity. Sunderkand teaches you how one can win over every difficulty and unfortunate situation in life if he decides to do so.

“Shantam Shasvatamaprameyamanaghanam nirvanashantipradam
brahmashambhuphaneendrasevyamanisham vedantavedyam vibhum,
Ramakhayam jagadishvaram suragurum mayamanusyamharim
vandeaham karunakaram raghuvaram bhupalachunamanim.”

“nanya sprha raghupate hridayesmadiye
satyam vadami cha bhavnakhilantartma,
bhaktim prayaccha raghupungava nirbharam me,
kamadidosarahitamkuru manasam cha.(2)”

“Atulitabaladhamam hemashailabhadeham
danujavanakrusanum jnaninamagraganyam,
sakalagunanidhanam vanaranamadhihsam
raghupatipriyabhaktamvatajatam namami. (3)”

“jamavanta ke bachan suhaye,
suni hanumanta hridaya ati bahe.
taba lagi mohi parikhehu tumha bhai,
sahi dukha kanda muula phala khayi. 1.”


  1. By reciting Sunderkand, positive thinking and a sense of equality is created in our mind.
  2. By reciting Sunderkand regularly, there is no fear of any kind in the mind of a person and he leads an independent life.
  3. By reciting Sunderkand regularly, the grace of Lord Shri Ram also remains because Hanuman ji is the most beloved devotee of Ramji.
  4. By reciting Sundarkand regularly, the bad effect of Mars can also be avoided.
  5. Regular recitation of Sunderkand gives benefits in things like longevity, happiness, prosperity, getting rid of sorrows etc.
  6. By reciting Sunderkand regularly, Hanuman ji is pleased and always protects his beloved devotees and saves them from evils.
  7. Psychologists have also told that by regularly reciting Sunderkand, it increases self-confidence and willpower.
  8. The condition of Shani is also avoided by reciting Sunderkand regularly.
Sri Ramacharitamanasa Sundar Kand PDF

Sri Ramacharitamanasa Sundar Kand PDF Download Link

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