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Lord Ganesha Story Overview

Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles and the offspring of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and his consort the goddess Parvathi. Several myths detail his birth and acquisition of the elephant head. These myths vary by region, tradition, and sect.

Hindus celebrate the festival of ‘Vinayaka Chavithi’ on the same day as ‘Bhadrapada Suddha Chavithi’ which is the birthday of Lord Vinayaka. On the day of Vinayaka Chavithi, one should get up early and clean the house. After that Talantu should take a bath and wash and put on clothes. Mamidakus should build arches and decorate the house. Write turmeric on the pedestal and place it in the north-east or north direction of the house. Put rice in a plate and put betel leaves on it. After performing the Deeparadhana, light the Agaruvaths and start the Puja by chanting the following mantra.

Ganesha Story:

Those who read the story of Vinayaka Vrata and sit in the puja should wear a little Akshinta in their hands. After the story is finished they should be placed on their head. As per the wish of her devotee Gajasura, Parvati was waiting in Kailasam for the arrival of her husband after Lord Vishnu released the Lord in his belly. She waited for Shiva and got ready for bath. While going for a bath, she smeared four flour on her body. In the distraction, she made a statue out of that flour. With the help of the mantra taught by her father, Parvati sacrificed her life to that adorable boy.

The moon on Shiva’s head smiled at Ganasadhi’s plight. Vighnanadhu’s stomach burst and the eggs and dumplings came out and he passed out. Goddess Parvati was enraged by this.. O sinner, my son fell unconscious after seeing you.. So those who look at you are sinners and get punished like you.

When Goddess Parvati cursed the moon, Saptarishis along with their wives performed Yagna and circumambulated Agni. Agnidev was infatuated with Rishipatna. Unfulfilled, Agni became weak with the fear of being cursed. Knowing her husband’s wish, Swahadevi joined Agnidev in the form of sages’ wives. The sages, deluded that it was their wives who were with Agni, left them. The gods realized that the wives of the sages were afflicted with Nilapaninda by looking at the cursed moon. All of them went to Kailasa with Lord Brahma. Vigneshwara was brought back to life by Lord Brahma. Then he said to Goddess Parvati, ‘Mother, the curse you gave to the moon caused danger. So withdraw the curse’ he asked. Then Goddess Parvati modified the curse saying ‘on the day the moon smiles at Vigneshwar, on that day you should not see the moon’. From that day everyone was careful not to see the moon on Bhadrapada Shuddha Chavithi and was comfortable. It’s been a while.

Lord Krishna said to those who worship Vinayaka as usual on Bhadrapada Shuddha Chavitinadu and listen to this Samantha Kopakhyana and wear Akshatas on their heads, even if they see the moon on that day. Since then, every year on Bhadrapada Shuddha Chavthi day, Gods, sages and people worship Ganapati to the best of their ability and fulfill their wishes. After reading or listening to this story, wear Akshatas on your head and finish the Vinayak Vrata. Finally take out as many gunjis as you can and prostrate before Lord Ganesha.

After the completion of the story one should offer mangalaharati to the lord… and then chant the udvasana mantra.

Yajena Yajmayajanta Devastani Dharmani Pradhamanyasan, Tehanakammahimanassachante Yatra Purvesadhyassantideva!! Sarvejana Sukhino Bhavantu.

Lord Ganesha Story Telugu PDF

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