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Hartalika Puja Vidhi Overview

Hartalika festival is celebrated in Ganapati. This festival holds special significance as married Hindu women pray for the long life of their husbands. According to Hinduism, Goddess Parvati went on a fast and then Bholenath Shivshankar got her husband. Women are expected to fast on this day and consume water and food in the evening.

Hartalika Puja Vidhi

On the day before Ganesha Chaturthi i.e., Bhadrapada Shuddha Tritiya is called “Hartalika”. On this day girls and women should bathe with fragrant oil. After taking a bath, one should place a square on the cleaned area. Shivalinga with Parvati and Sakhi should be installed on the square decorated with rangoli and banana poles on all four sides by bringing sand. Ganapati should be placed on a betel nut or coconut on a pile of rice on the right side. Arrange five holes in front and keep betel nut, kharik, almond, coin, fruit there.

First of all, you should keep yourself in front of God by applying turmeric kunku. Akshata, carrying turmeric kunku should offer salutations. Worship should be started after salutation to the elders of the house. Before the pooja, the lamps should also be worshiped. First of all, one should worship Gapapati and then Mahadev and Sakhi-Parvati. The material taken for worship should be ritually offered to God. Materials required for the pooja are: Chowrang, rangoli, rice, water pot, tamhan, pali, panchapatra, tsaral, asan, niranjan, conch, bell, samai, kapurarati, haldkunku, ashtagandh, gulal, bukka, sandalwood, akshata, incense, camphor, ghee and oil wicks, Attarfaya, vida leaves, betel nuts, almonds, kharka, coconut, fruits, sugar, jaggery, panchamrit, cotton cloth, blank cloth, as well as lucky charms such as phani, kajal, galesari, kankane, mirror etc. In addition to flowers, durva, basil leaves, and tree leaves.

After pooja, incense-lamp, offerings should be shown and papers should be carried. The order of the leaves that are flown in Hartalike puja is: Bel, Aghada, Madhumalati, Durva, Chafa, Kanher, Bor, Rui, Tulsa, Mango, Pomegranate, Dhotara, Jai, Marva, Bakul, Ashoka leaves should be flown. Then one should pray in spirit. A virgin should pray to get her desired husband and a bride should pray for eternal good luck. Do strict fasting for the whole day. If not possible, eat fruit. No food cooked on fire is eaten on this day. After waking up all night playing games like Zimma, Phugdi, Tippriya, Gof etc., listening to the story of Hartalike, after doing Aarti, put curd on a cotton leaf and lick it. On the next day, the linga should be immersed by doing Uttarpuja.

Steps to do Hartalika Puja

• For Hartalika Pooja, spread red cloth and place an idol or photo of Lord Shiva.

• Keep a bowl for God’s anointing.

• After this make a Ashta Kamal with white rice and place a deep Kalash.

• After combining these things make a swastika on the urn and fill it with water.

• Add a coin, supari (betel nut) and turmeric to it.

• Place leaves, betel nuts on the top of the kalash and place a bowl full of rice and a lamp on it.

• Put rice on five betel leaves and install Gauri and Ganesha idols on it.

• Then start the pooja. Then offer rice, milk to the gods.

• Lord Ganesha likes Durva. Offer the Deep Kalash to all the Gods, then offer Puja.

• Fold hands before the gods and pray to them for good health and prosperity.

• Offer them water and flowers. Then recite the Hartalika Teej mantras with water in your hands and offer them at the Lord’s feet.

• Recite the mantra 3 times and then wash your hands. After this clean the idol of Lord Shiva with water and decorate it. After this listen or read the fast story (Vrat Katha) of Hartalika Teej.

Hartalika Rituals and Literature

• A nice plate to hold idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati

• Chaupai (wooden platform for placing idols of deities on a plate)

• A clean cloth preferably yellow / orange or red to cover the chaupai.

• Natural clay or sand for making idols of Shiva and Parvati

• A coconut Camphor (camphor)

• A pitcher of water

• Mango or leaf

• Ghee

• Lamp

• Incense and incense

• Oil for lighting a lamp and Camphor.

Hartalika Puja Vidhi Marathi PDF

Hartalika Puja Vidhi Marathi PDF Download Link

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